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  • SMASH!

    i rather not, even when i am angry lol.

    since i am already injured for life.
    why you punched a window?

    more like sprain to me. not easy to have fracture from breaking glasses!

    yeah i just did all kick today -_-
    it is a post injury from 4 years ago. fell during ice skating on my right elbow.

    so when i overused my arm (doing swimming since is against water resistance), it gets numb.

    currently it is still numb and shaky...

    and lol you always injured yourself like anytime you want lol.
    you better not injured yourself because of me! lol.

    this sucks, i can't draw and play games either. *sob*
    lol true.

    well people and their mouths.but really they don't mean to say this. it is just their sinful emotions.

    anyway! my right arm is numb again. i can't hold a cup well.
    yeah really people like them wants to bring people down. argh.

    that is why i listen and forget because what the heck must i follow what they said unless i think i need to change.
    you know people like to say something that you are lacking. it makes me want to say the same thing to them but i keep telling them they do not need to worry about me for this lol.

    and just when people said i am not good enough. they say the darnest things huh?
    LOL! i am pretty slow in all games. haha.

    lol don't know what to say for that!.

    not everyone wants relationship before working you know. time has changed.

    anyway i am playing sonic gen like mad. it has been a while since i say 'NO!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!' many times lol.
    really? haha because currently i am only thinking what i want to do for myself.
    really? hmm well i guess it is rare to find an honest girl and loves to play games and watch anime like me! well i did say i have a friend who has the same interests as me except pokemon lol.

    well as i said you need time to find one!
    so the girl is not want you want so you should so no -_-

    love should be in both directions.
    oh no that is bad!

    argh both physically and mentally. well i am not sure that you are glad you are through with that crazy girl. really you need to find a better one that girl, at least to your own taste!
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