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  • haha welcome back~

    i was inactive for a while just to have a break from forum.

    so how is your vacation?
    i am going to be inactive in the forum. config my new laptop (getting this weekend) and play starcraft~ besides that i will be busy in other stuffs.
    hmm! i let my visitor shown for public and i received my first spam after many months lol.

    thanks for people that banned him. haha! there is a reason why i am leaving it on though.

    yay the pain is gone! but still uncomfortable.
    lol then just drink milk or something lol.

    i don't feel fine. time of the month boohoo.
    hmm. see doctor? I am thinking about something but well...as long you don't feel anything weird besides lost of weight I guess it is alright.

    *Hooligans suffer and flee*
    damn genetics XD! still you need to exercise. there are fatty skinny people and they do can have heart attacks -_-

    yay! you show those hooligans! *poke with stick*
    lol hooligan's weakness is sarcasm. even so for me to make him feel full of shame (because other hooligans will point out that weakness of him) is not what i like to do. it is like making his life miserable because he mocks me. nah he will learn the hard way in army training. i don't bother about him.

    that is sucks. so you can exercise vigorously. but you do exercise isn't it?
    lol really? *evil grin*

    you take too much sugar or something? i can sleep anytime but at most 8 hours.
    argh! that hurts!

    lol stick joke.

    i love to do something different in sport than just swimming.
    that is why we should be appreciated!

    ah who cares.

    off topic! i got in a mud bath XD
    i don't know lol.

    there are people scared of nice people. well there are weird people with weird tastes.

    anyway i do not care what they do, it is part of learning how to deal in this situation for me!
    well they are for people that already have these kind of things happened to them. basically for people who are feeling down.

    yes i do. that is why i pity them. they can only stand 'strong' in groups, but when they are alone, they are scared of me. lol.
    which them are you referring?

    if you mean the songs you listed. these are the songs of counseling. well something like that yup!
    i see it pretty much reflects people life. hectic and want to be saved.

    you know i always been teased. and this one single thought comes up first. 'I pity them.'

    want me explain?
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