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  • Yea, reading the previous posts are very helpfull, I had to delete my request form so i wouldn't get banned.
    Hi, I'm just wondering how you're doing. You haven't posted in Divine for about two weeks, and if you're not interested in playing anymore, I'd like to open the spot back up. Get back to me before Monday, please.
    I'm thinking that KS might begin one of her inactivity purges soon, and I notice you've been away from Hidden Ones for a while. Do you have exams or something at the moment?
    Extreme, I notice you have a tendency to forget about certain RPGs when you roleplay, i ask that you do not forget Soul Symphony Chronicles. I ask this of you because you looked interested in playing it. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Yo dude, start up for Team Pride's been posted if you haven't noticed. Just messaging you cus you're the only one who hasn't posted and I don't want you to fall behind.
    I'd prefer the Unova Pokemon to be used (Sandile's around there if you just want a ground-type). But since Sandslash at least can be found post-game at Relic Castle, it would be fine.
    That's part of the mystery.

    Okay, non-vague answer: it works both ways. The chosen can order the legendary in battle and it will follow such orders most of the time. But the legendary acts as a mentor figure too, in which case it is also the master. Divine interprets the legendaries to be like the gods and goddesses of Japanese tradition. They are immensely powerful, practically immortal, but they still have failings and mortals can still outwit them from time to time.

    But I'm always open to experiments in writing and interpretation.
    all right but you need to follow every rule she has set and you need to wait until her request queue opens up (which is when she posts the previous artwork). By the by, if you see it open up, do it ASAP, otherwise, it'll fill up.
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