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    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Actually I remember it because it was the fastest moving RPG I've been in(It was like four pages in about two hours) and the first one I was in that was closed by a Mod (due to short posts). It was also quite fun until its closure.

    Haha you're better than me I'm not too dedicated to breeding and training my pokemon after I beat the pokemon league; heck I don't even like going on long hunts to find them (which why I've never caught all of three legendary dogs... I did caught Suicune though). That's why I can't be a real pokemon trainer/breeder.

    Nah you don't have to do for my sake, but if you decide to join one drop me a message.
    I'm fine as well, college is going well and I don't really have much to complain about other than about that cat the keep harrassing the fish. Who would have thought a broken TV would result in this?

    I've join this really interesting sounding Legendary Pokemon RPG. Everytime I join one I think of you. ^_^ It was the first RPG we were in together, Hiding the Legendaries. Suicune has been taken but there are bunches of other spots opens if your not too busy.
    Hello Exxthus, I thought I pop in and leave a message even if you haven't been on for awhile. I never knew you were seven month older than me XD. Well if you happen to come by and see this please leave me a message about how you're doing.
    Hahh Thanks =D yeah, it's kinda time consuming and tiresome, but it's fun sometimes :p

    thanks again =)
    I'm not really sure if you will see this, but Happy Birthday Exxthus! :p Heh, I'm not here a lot these days, but I still remember your birthday x3 (and yeah, I'm aware I'm a little late, but I had to buy these sparkling electric confetti)-
    hi, im the leader of the Fire Emblem Club (For people who arn't in the club). i am currently working on a FE RPG. Would you please reply to this, and say yes or no to weather you would be a part of it. this is so i can get an estimate on how many people will be in it.
    To be honest, I'm much better at being absent than you are, so don't worry about it.

    Yeah, Psi would do that just to spite us, wouldn't he? XD
    Hey, what happened to the "true group of randomness"? Did it explode into a million pieces of electric confetti or something? O.O
    LOL I like how you worded that 'acedemic oppression' and thanks it is a relieve and now I must fight bigger pizza pies of life. A large piece will go to techincal college and my job whenever get one.
    lol, i added ya cuz like... you're in the RPGer's group as well so i thought ' what the hell :) i like meeting new people n all that jazz' :) how are you anyways?
    Well ya...

    I actually meant it to be

    "I tried to ketchup with all the mustard I could relish..." But yea, when I wrote Tiff, it was way high in the night and my brain was, as Cdra puts it "Blargle o_o."

    Yet either saying works....

    Anyway, how've ya been, any going-on abouts?
    Well relationships is a multi meaning word :p you just don't have the romantic kind. Yes I am the same way.
    You mean when Reese brought home a guy only to realize he wasn't interested in her but her roommate who is a man?
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