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Last Activity:
Feb 11, 2015
Jul 12, 2005
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Home Page:
Beyond thoughts and dreams.
Professional Lurker

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Head AlwaysHeld High, from Beyond thoughts and dreams.

Exxthus was last seen:
Feb 11, 2015
    1. Musical Mayhem
      Musical Mayhem
      Haha wooow that made me laugh SO hard and I don't even know why. Do i really need a reason? Before Charmed Bando, I was known as Shy Pikachu. Just a heads up. :D
    2. grounder
      Thanks. XD It horribly sucks.
    3. grounder
      TREASON! *fires the Bean Star at Exxthus*

      I'm still plodding through virtually everything. Once again, I'm back to using library computers...

      Haven't used any electrics lately, though. Though now that school's out, I'll have some free time to train my Sapphire and Pearl teams. (hopefully >_<) Maybe I'll try Elekid...
    4. grounder
      EXXTHUS! How've ya bean? XD
    5. InnerFlame
      Well it was actually one of the reason I wanted to join this RPG. Because I really enjoy being in that one RPG with you(Though it was close due to posts too short, your writing seriously inspire me). And there are a lot of RPer in this RPG that I really like and most of all it has a very interesting and mysterious plot. I can't wait for this to start and I hope it lasts long.
    6. Lady Myuu
      Lady Myuu
      ... nooot yeeeet

      :P I'll let you know when I allow second characters.
    7. PsiUmbreon
      omg you are on too. :o

      you need wifi.
    8. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      Ohnoez I was bothered :d

    9. Ludi-Kero!
      *pokes back*

      Hi there Exxthus =3 Nice to see you posting... sometimes =P
    10. PsiUmbreon
      damn, stupid wifi. :(
    11. ~Neon~
      Seem cool? AM cool, hehe. But that's just me and my ego~ You seem pretty alright yourself~

      Oh gawd, my shift button keeps getting stuck >.<
    12. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      wut r u goin on aboot >:[
    13. PsiUmbreon
      You're still on?

      Hows about a voice chat?
    14. Lady Myuu
      Lady Myuu
      I'm more of a mewtwo/lucario/anthro/weird dark pokemon person


      I love a good wolf story er dog
    15. Lady Myuu
      Lady Myuu
      lol, actually arcanine isn't my favorite. I am just using the characters in a story.
    16. Exxthus
      Let the influx of really random messages begin.
    17. Lady Myuu
      Lady Myuu
      probably the answer may be.
    18. Volteon
      Hey Exxthus! Really long time right? thanks for the friend request =D
    19. Lady Myuu
      Lady Myuu
      you think my rp will be good? hahhaa..your funny.
    20. Lady Myuu
      Lady Myuu
      thanks for joining my rp. No worries if it was late or not. I forgot about the deadline and you let me know it was on the way. I'm not as harsh as I am acting like I am in the rp. I am trying to scare away those who would fail me.
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    Home Page:
    Beyond thoughts and dreams.
    Professional Lurker
    Favourite Pokémon:


    FC: 0946 8704 7201 | Serebii Quotes by Serpentsounds

    "(...) Serebii Joe created Tangela's evolution, Tangrowth. Is that true?!?" - d.aisuke
    "but for password all i see are stars :-(" - Angeon
    "yeah aren't you like, korean or something" - Misty
    "Please don't kick me, if you do.... you will be in pain" - ANNG12
    "!gsearch idiot" - pokemon1571
    "Exxthus killed a guy by looking at him. That's how tough Exxthus is." - blazevoir