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  • Yes hi. You know about the mix-up right? I'm not on for long again, sorry if I seem like a tease >.>
    unfortually just my other calm shiny feebas iv's that kinda sucks that i was using and my really crappy platinum iv one...which will never give a close flawless spread...you need to have at least one flawless poke to get something...i used a flawless ditto myrrh gave me for the one i just rnged...otherwise the iv's will not be the best in shape :/
    i bold and underlined it and fixed my sig a bit lol...it should be noticeable but yeah myrrh will clone you one just ask him :)
    its on there lol...right next to my PO name right under my sprites...i don't have a copy for you though :/ myrrh has to clone you one...
    its in the thread and on my sig under my soulsilver pokecheck link check it out :) but ill just tell you calm and shiny :)
    I got a clone of the one Eevee RNGd just a while ago. I can transfer it to 5th gen soon to trade it to others. I feel bad, you keep catching me when I'm about to leave. I was just on to PM Hax. ;n;
    Saw TEG thread, that poster/banner is WAYYYYY over the pixle limit. Might want to fix that before you get infracted.
    Pft, for you it is. It's still Sunday for Cool Cats like, well not like me, but for other Westerners.
    We have to let the almighty Smogon decide that. Also Mew isn't really in the same league as those other legends, it isn't Uber.
    Oh, you meant upload. What about other Ubers like Garchomp, Excadrill, etc? Oh, and looks good.
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