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  • :( thats too bad. you must be busy. Well, I finally got into a band, so I'm playing guitar in a local band now. We do a lot of originals, and thats exactly what I wanted. They're all really nice too. I just hope this takes me places.
    me too ;____;

    I found the page where me and wolfie first met, I should submit it to her on tumblr
    I am at my realest on serebii forums

    only my greatest allies shall ever know of the time I spent here
    merry christmas to you too, and i hope you also have a great new year! :D i also haven't been on here very much either, i'm sure we'll catch up eventually! lol ;)
    to tell you the truth i have no idea why i've seen so many either! apparently the safari is a good place to see them. i also found a shiny frogadier (shiny greninja now! XD) and another charmeleon in the safari. i kinda have a system now that i spend about 10-15 minutes in the safari (for the pokemon that you're looking for) and if i don't see a shiny within that time i shut off the game and try again. so i guess you can say that's been working for me! :p
    lol so after being miffed at my sister for getting my favorite shiny before me and being in a fire safari for 3 days.... i got my shiny ponyta! so sorry for all the messages! XD
    wow since my last message, which was yesterday, i found a shiny charmeleon and marowak in the safaris... my mind is blown now! XD
    i'm glad you did well! ugh, broken chains will be the end of us! XD lol hey, i'm usually on a lot if you ever want to see your third pokemon in the safari! you're probably tired of me saying this but, i caught another shiny! lol it's a shiny aipom i found in the safari when i was looking for eevees. i think i had an eevee right before that came out... i wish it was a shiny eevee! :p

    so yeah my sister was in a fire safari with growlithe and guess what? she saw another shiny growlithe! O_O then i gave her the capture power 3 (she didn't hit it at all XD) and she got it! this time it was tears of joy from her! lol

    edit: just found a shiny minccino in the safari that i got my aipom! eevee continues to elude me! and my sister got a shiny ponyta.... i am sooo jealous! >_< so now i am searching in a fire safari for a shiny ponyta (since i hear that safaris have a higher chance of seeing them) and trying to get a shiny froakie my mm'ing. i need a shiny greninja! XD
    i know right? i'm not sure if i have seen 3 shinies in a game before. my sister saw a shiny growlithe (which is her favorite pokemon) in the friend safari! she had a pokemon with false swipe but, then it used take down and killed itself... i think she almost cried. so i'm trying to get a japanese or foreign dittos on here from the friend safari (since they have better iv's) so she can try to mm egg hunt for it.

    hey don't worry about it! oh i see, does that mean you'll get a new laptop then? hey no problem! we'll have to be on the same time to see what your third one is. lol mine is muk... whoo hoo... XD
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