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  • Me neither. I saw a "Location:The Netherlands" here and a "Location:The Netherlands" there. I didn't know there were that much Dutch people on Serebii.

    Beside that I'm a bit sleepy, I'm doing fine.

    I have Homework class, so I make all my homework on school and then I haven't got any more homework at home^_^.

    Thanks, your sig is also great(I already said that, but it can never hurt to say it again)

    Now that I'm talking about Pokémon fans in Holland, have you ever been to Pokémon Day in walibi World?
    As it says on the first post, I also moderate other communities online. Combine that with the constant overtime I have done for my offline job and yeah, that explains why I am behind on the claiming thread.

    I should finally have time to update it on Thursday.

    Please have a little thing called patience.
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