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  • lol i know what you mean. i have chained 40 or a little higher for my buizel in platinum only to have the chain brake three times... it's almost as bad when you faint/lose a shiny! :p speaking of shinies, i caught a shiny vanillite in a horde battle the other day! again, not a pokemon i like but it's still a shiny! XD

    edit: i also saw a shiny graveler in terminus cave, i think you can guess what happened! lol :p
    yeah i've heard about the pokéradar making a comeback! that is really awesome! i think the first pokemon i will try with that will be pidgey, fletchling, eevee and maybe rilou. at some point, cause i'm not really sure how i'll be able to go back to the older games, i want to go back on my platinum game and try to get a shiny buizel with the radar. or just be a normal person and try mm'ing with it. XD do you have any pokemon in mind for the radar?
    lol yeah that's bad. i really think they could've come up with a different thing to do your pokemon so you don't feel ridiculous during the process... XD

    i'm buying a lot of clothes too! lol i also feel like it has distracted me as well but, in a good way! they should've had that option of customization in a long time ago!
    oh i know! i'm like i'm doing the face, don't get sad! lol plus i feel really stupid making the faces at my 3ds... XD

    yeah i got in probably the easiest way in the lumiose boutique, by styling my hair 10 times at the salon. i was trying to unlock 2 new hairstyles by styling my hair 20 times, checking-in at the lumiose boutique every 5th time i styled my hair to see if i was let in. the best way to make money (for me) is having the amulet coin and using the prize money o-power and battling at the battle chateau. (especially battling the old people, they give out a lot more money! lol) so now i can pretty much buy whatever i want! :D have you found something you love to wear yet? i'm still trying to find my outfit!
    yeah it's pretty awesome! i can't believe how expensive the stuff in lumiose city is! but with the amulet coin, prize money o-power, and battling at the battle chateau is a great way to make money fast! i almost have 900,000! lol i can't wait to see all the clothes for the girl. i've unlocked two hairstyles as well. oh i know, greninja is so freaking cool! XD the hardest thing in the amie is the camera/face thing, i think i've done it right once and i haven't been able to do it since... :p lol

    edit: i was looking for a female eevee (a specific natured one) on route 10 for a long time and i went to take a shower and my sister offered to look for me while i was in there. i was about to start drying my hair when she called me and told me i needed to come back to her. so i go and here on my screen is a shiny snubbull! so i hit it once and then i caught it with a pokeball! yay i didn't kill it! lol so prior to seeing the shiny, i told my sister since i was there on that route so long (and i knew what pokemon were around) that with my luck i would see a shiny of the pokemon i liked least in that area. which was snubbull.... lol oh well, a shiny is a shiny right? XD
    sorry i didn't respond sooner! i got the game on friday (i had one day shipping) and i haven't really been doing much else! XD do you have the game yet? i can't believe how amazing the games are! i don't think i can go back to the older games now... lol :p

    ah thanks! it's nice to get a french lesson! ;) oh my i didn't even think of that! lol, i'll have to watch out for my frogadier! i can't wait to evolve it into a greninja!
    OMG I SHIP NAEGISAKI SO ****ING HARD. *coughs* Yaaaaay~

    That sucks *Gently catches table and sets it down*
    haha sorry! :p

    oh i know, my sister is keeping up to date on all the things she sees! lol hopefully you don't get recurring nightmares when you get the game! XD i really can't wait to use greninja also, it's my new favorite water type! plus that it's part dark type made me really happy too! same here, i never thought amphibians were attractive! look at what one pokemon can do! lol especially this pic of greninja! what does gren mean? (i do not know french...) XD
    i know, at first i didn't really want to check out spoilers but, if i didn't, my soul would've been crushed after seeing the final for fennekin's! (i will get a fennekin at some point but, when i do i'm keeping it a fennekin!)
    i really thought chespin's final was going to redeem itself... nope! XD i was trying to figure out what chespins final looked like to me, and the only thing i could think of is some sort of golem, with a blastoise (or bowser XD) shell on the back! lol
    yeah i really like both mega y and x charizard too. (i like y more though.) lol, i never liked those fairy types in the first place, and seeing their evolutions only confirmed my dislike of them! :p

    unfortunately, i think those are real... *huge sigh* there have been a lot of people which have gotten the games early (bunch of jerks! XD) and they all seem to have the same evolutions... i actually love greninja (i will be starting with froakie now) but, i agree with you over fennekin's and chespin's finals, they are dreadful... i don't think i have ever been so disappointed with the starters before! this is what i was imagining and hoping for, for fennekin's final.
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