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  • i totally agree, nothing was wrong with the original mewtwo! lol yeah mewtwo x is quite frightening to my sister and i. she told me after i was done playing my first time around, i have to give her my mewtwonite y so she can have the y version too! XD

    oh i know, the waiting is really getting to me too... lol i guess when you concentrate hard on something, time seems to slow down... a watched pot never boils! :p
    i feel like i am checking on here more often too! yeah i'm not going to use blaziken in game either. i just want to use the new pokemon in kalos, at least the first time around. yeah i'm getting y too. lol my sister is mad because she's getting the weird mega mewtwo x, and she really wanted skrelp but, that's in y. XD

    oh that's not good! do you think you can get it fixed? lol, you can just tell people that you appreciate the classics! XD
    ah, stress-less days are the best! XD

    i know, i thought froakies was the best looking too. yeah chespin's will definitely be the one to watch for. i have a feeling that it could be part steel type, since it might be based on a knight. maybe? lol these are going to be a couple of long weeks.... *sighs* and it doesn't help that these pokemon fakes seem to be getting more realistic!
    i am feeling much better thanks! it really was just a weird thing, i didn't go to bed with a headache but i couldn't fall asleep because of it. :p

    oh that is rough! hopefully things will calm down for you at school! ugh i know what you mean, it's really hard to concentrate on things that you know are important but, you just don't want anything to do with it! XD
    have you seen the latest (fake) final evolutions for froakie and fennekin? froakie's looks really cool! and if fennekin's ends up looking like that, that is a lot better than what i was imaging for it! i was afraid that it would look too wizardly, like it would have a cape or hat etc. :p
    that's awesome that you'll have to week off when the games come out! that is extremely lucky timing!

    so i had a horrible night last night. i'm at my sister's place taking care of my niece and i had this terrible headache when i was trying to sleep and i didn't get to bed until 5:30am and i had to be up at 7:30...
    That's like me saying we have exchange students from Oklahoma though xD

    I'd watch it, but i have to go now.. D:
    oh my god, is this how dyslexics feel?! MY MIND IS REALING FROM THAT COLLECTION OF WORDS


    Ooh, I like it! :3
    Wait, you were waiting for me? xD
    ooh, banner

    also: Wunderkammer
    i would assume that they would have to use a good amount of hairspray and gel to get their hair to be like fire! lol it reminds me of hinata's symbol in naruto.

    yeah foxes are pretty epic! my sister is really excited for fennekin and it's evolutions. i will most likely go with fennekin as well for my starter but, i want to see the final evolutions before i make my decision. i was actually very disappointed (with a lot of people on serebii :p) with chespin's next stage... it looks so weird to me. but hopefully the final evolution will look great! froakie's evolution looked really cool! and who can't like a fox right? lol and i am so excited that we can customize the trainer! i've wanted to do that since girl's were introduced in the games. yay! :D so now we just have to wait until the games come out... it seems so far away! :(
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