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  • Each Pokemon has a set amount - use Bulbapedia :) Oh, why try with Pichu? Pumping a Raichu's HP up a lot won't hel pmuch as it doesn't have great defenses.
    HP? not sure, it depends what Pokemon you plan on using, an obvious one would be Blissey/Miltank. Try looking on Smogon, they have some brilliant ideas.

    And it is a lot - say a Pokemon has 300 Atk at Lv 100 at average. If it has an attack-raising nature, that'll increase to 330 at Lv 100. If it's been fully EV-trained, you've given it a whopping 393 Atk. You raised it by nearly a third of it's attack, just by EV training it and making sure it has an Atk-raising stat.
    I Pokemon has 510 EV's, but it's 4 points that give it a stat boost of +1. Otherwise you'd have Shuckle's with around 750 Defense.

    But otherwise, you're right.
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