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Last Activity:
Jun 5, 2011
Jun 2, 2010
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Post-Rambler General, from In Schrödinger's box X|

Facescar was last seen:
Jun 5, 2011
    1. Adelaide1994
      Facescar, Hikari has returned :). Please come back..
    2. Adelaide1994
      Hey there fellow Pearlshipper :). Ive been following your posts since last year. I must say I regret not befriending you earlier and I just wanted to say, that we should be friends and discuss our favorite Ashxgirl coupling sometimes :)
    3. rioT6296
      nothing really. just finished eating some ice cream and about to start writing again. (:
      haha, yeah, it is! x) ahahaha, aww. that's okay. ;)
      so, how are you? how are things going?
    4. rioT6296
      hey there (: I just decided to come here and add you to my friends' list since I realized I haven't added you yet.
      and also, I just happened to notice that you joined Serebii on my birthday! haha ^^
    5. Janovy
      Woah! I just looked in my friends list and realized you weren't there. I must add all those dedicated pearlshippers to my friends. :p
    6. Mewkachu
      You call yourself overactive? I'm overactive! Joined on the 7th of July and already 550 something posts. anyways, you should get shoddy and go to silver plateau forums, it's awesome. trust me.
    7. Mewkachu
      Weird, I must say.

    8. Mewkachu
      Hey Facescar, how's it been going?


      Mhmm, I do have to say this place is a lot better than Team Uber forums
      and Silver Plateau forums.

      Also a lot better than Shoddy.

      But still Shoddy is awesome
    9. Mewkachu
      I'm back.

      I got an infraction in the thread "Most stupid pokedex entry", for this post:
      "What a hard question..."

      And I got banned
      But now I'm back.
    10. Vycksta
      This is random yes, but I have to say that I find reading your posts in the Pearlshipping thread a pleasure. I know I know, I'm not a Pearlshipper and I'm just doing my modly thing... it's just refreshing to see such a dedicated shipper.
    11. Mewkachu
      I need some more help.
      That guy is back again.
    12. Mewkachu
      Yeah, sure, it doesn't matter.
    13. Mewkachu
      Yeah. I can see why. What's one of your favorite moments from the old saga? I like it when Brock has to sing his song. Especially when he does it with the Corphish. It is hilarious.
    14. Mewkachu
      Do you support AdvanceShipping? Just wonderin'.
    15. DigitalUpkeep
      Oh you're too kind. x3. I'm working on chapter 6 of that story, and after the contest ends, I'll post my one-shot there. You wrote one too right? You should post yours! I want to read it! :D
    16. DigitalUpkeep
      Why thank you. :). I appreciate it.
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    In Schrödinger's box X|
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pearlshipper / Pokeshipper / Morpheusshipper. In that order.


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