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Last Activity:
Apr 14, 2019
Jun 11, 2006
Likes Received:
Dec 31, 1969 (Age: 50)

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machtverfilzung, 50

facetious was last seen:
Apr 14, 2019
    1. Rave
      yeah, i graduated last year. been looking for work and trying to go for my masters to Ph.D/M.D. already. been pretty crazy and struggling to get up there, but it's getting there.

      how's things man? been alright?

      ps: missed u too bb
    2. Angeling
      I missed you too!
    3. kiyone
      I can't believe you still post here ~_~
    4. Swampy
      You are the biggest ****** on the face of the planet.

      You are also my favourite ******.

      One day we will talk outside of this hellhole again. Until then, my friend.
    5. Rave
      wut up yo

      how's it hanging?
    6. Kreis
      What do I have to do?
    7. Kreis
      hi tkjay i thiknk you're reallky coolk and i'm sorry ui;'m a bad firned. :(
    8. Kirby
      I'm cool with either! I am usually on irc (sometimes I hide in #spp-misc because I hate going in #spp). I work a lot during the day but I'll be on a lot from Saturday night - Monday evening. Thank you <3
    9. Kirby
      Are you still around? I have something I want to ask you about because Kreis told me you're the best person to talk with lol
    10. Swampy
      You're a ******

      but i miss the old days, bro
    11. Profesco
      Congratulations on the great teaching offer, Jay. ^_^
    12. Rave
      Brother, you and I have had a good run here.

      Regardless, it was a fun honor having got to troll around here with you towards the massive amounts of sheep we have here.

      But alas, our short and fun journey will have to sadly come to an end. We've moved onto bigger and better things in our lives. And in the end, we'll look back at these kids and say, "ha! You're all still into pogeymanzs!? We have college degrees and higher and you're all still playing with these childish things!?"

      If anything, we've finally grown up and moved on man.

      I feel sorry for the upcoming generation. May God have mercy on their poor souls, until they emerge from their childish mindsets to mature well thinking adults like us.
    13. Rave
      Soon, one day, I too will leave this place and leave behind a legacy that no one is ever going to care for or remember about forever.
    14. Hox
      I want your love. I want your love love love. I want your love.
    15. Ohtachi
      Hahaha its been a while. Can't say I'm back as I never will be. Poking around with nothing to do I guess. If you're still around you've gotta be INSANE. More power to you, friend.
    16. Kreis
    17. Korusan
      Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.
    18. Kreis
      So I woke up and my fever is gone. It's like I've never had it. All that's bothering me now is my cold and aching body.
    19. Kreis
      Jay I'm dying of a fever. Make it go away.

    20. Kreis
      You're never on MSN.

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    Dec 31, 1969 (Age: 50)
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