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  • Oh, that's good to know ^_^
    I'm sure she'll be happy; it is her first fic... Or at least, the first one up on the site. I'm not sure if she's written anything before that...
    If you don't comment, I'll tell her you liked it ^_^
    Oh, that's sad... Anyway, did you ever finish that story you started, with May/Haruka feeling depressed in the cafe? Because a fellow fanfiction writing CookieShipper took it as inspiration and based her first story on it, and she thought you might like to know, if you were still interested. =]
    Yup; I happened upon your CookieShipping thread, and I'm still a bit hazy on the rules of posting after a certain amount of time, and the last post on it was 2006 or something so... ^_^;
    hi, im the leader of the Fire Emblem Club (For people who arn't in the club). i am currently working on a FE RPG. Would you please reply to this, and say yes or no to weather you would be a part of it. this is so i can get an estimate on how many people will be in it.
    It was pretty good. Got a couple of things I wanted, along with a golden neck chain like my dad has. And you?
    Glad I could help. I'm watching the end of the English translation, and I'm starting to tear up again XD. It always gets me when Mewtwo cries like that. Yeah, I'm keeping this Avatar. I will change my Avatar Sig though.
    I'd thought it would be good perception to include the Japanese version, since in every single post you've made, you've used the Japanese names. Unfortunately, I don't understand a lick of Japanese except to some lyrics to Unmei no Hi. I really wish I knew what they were saying -_-.
    Hmm. My 1st Pokemon Movie video did not have the prologue on it. Maybe the DVD, if one has been made...

    Ai? Is that Ambertwo's Japanese name? If not, would you mind increasing my I.Q. by a fraction?
    You gotta love America and 4Kids -_-'

    It's a deep 7 minute segment. You won't be disappointed.
    LOL XD

    Yeah, I had just watched the cut-out bit of Mewtwo Returns on Youtube not too long ago. It really struck me, and I had tears in my eyes. And I'm 18! I have only cried twice b/c of an anime: this one, and in Dragonball Z, when Android 16's head is crushed after his emotional speech. In fact, these two scenarios can be related to an extent.

    After watching that, I had to see if there was any screenshots of that in any of the Avatars. I'll be keeping this one for a long while.
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