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  • Yeah, I can understand people turning away from Pokeshipping, and I respect their decisions. I keep faith b/c my own parents were involved in the same type of relationship as Ash and Misty did, and what would've been my first girlfriend had the same personality as Misty. And I had the same density as Ash in social issues XD. So, I relate to Pokeshipping at a real-world level.

    I recognize Contestshipping's hints, and that they have a "canon-pending" status at the moment, but I just can't picture them together. The Contestshipping fics bore me to no end, and the idea of it....yeah, I'm a unique case. I support Advanceshipping to an extent more than I do Contestshipping, as I stated earlier.

    I'm really starting to like Morpheusshipping b/c it is no longer a one-time only ship. Since Aoi appeared in DP98, I really believe that she'll appear again, hopefully with an evolved Luxio or Luxray and a Pikachu on her shoulder. XD
    I'm kind of the same way. Back in the days of Kanto, I was a die-hard Pokeshipper. I stopped watching it arounf nid-Johto because I had lost KidsWB, but I was renewed to it when I saw that Movie 6 was coming out. When I watched it, I was a loss as to why Misty was gone and this new girl was in, but I started supporting Advanceshipping after I watched it. Then, Battle Frontier came to Cartoon Network, and I noticed a relationship between May and Drew, so I started looking into all what I have been missing. I checked forums, watched Youtube, and after a combination watching old episodes and looking at the fandoms in general, I completely abhorred Advanceshipping and went right back to Pokeshipping, and no one could convince me otherwise.

    That was a year ago. Now, taking part of these forums, I now know about the episodes in Japan, and the Summer School eps caught my interest. I liked the relationship between Ash and Aoi (I hope her name is Amy or Ali in English), and so I started to look into other ships. Now, I support Pokeshipping, went back to liking Advanceshipping, and am now supporting Morpheusshipping.

    .....Wow, that was a long post, especially for a profile :D. Sorry about that. Just had to get that off my chest, and you were being nice enough for me to confide to. :) maybe that's a new thread that can be started in the shipping thread: explain your history of Pokemon shipping. How about that?
    Well, I don't think it is completely canon, nor do I full-heartedly believe that it is semi-canon anymore, but it did a have strong basis even in the original. But, I'll believe what I want to believe, and thats is that. :) The Misty Lure episode in Sinnoh renewed my interest in it, and with the similarity between Ash/Misty and Ash/Aoi, I'm holding out that this will be acknowledged in Misty's next cameo, whenever that is XD. To me, her next cameo will probably be a deciding factor in whether or not I'll actively support Pokeshipping or not. You understand, right?
    Uh...hello? Time for a reality check here. Liking a ship =/= thinking that it has any chance of becoming canon. The sensible shipper (which there are a lot of) who supports a ship that is random by canon standards will acknowledge that it has little or no chance of becoming canon. A ship doesn't have to be canon for people to enjoy it: in fact, I know many people (myself included) who don't like canon ships very much, partially because of the type of fandom they accumulate.
    I could have sworn I edited that.....the lag a few days ago must've stopped it.

    Anyway, when I reread that, I understood the flaw in what I said. After all, I'm no better since I support Pokeshipping. I didn't mean for that to come out the way I said it. I'll go and edit that post for certain this time. :)
    Yeah, I agree. I skimmed through your post a bit at first, but I can definitely say that GSC set up standards that far puts any anime or game rendition of Pokemon, aside from the regenerating mobile ice being spammed along with the frozen and gone missing element recycled again, and the occasional gripe like that. RS was good at some points but overall the plot and fighting and character development/relations didn't gell quite a whole lot and at times seemed really forced, and not even FRLG was that good, but Emerald was just as though Kusaka had been on some serious drugs. Hopefully DP might pick up the series a bit more.
    (Pretty profile pic, by the way!)

    I frequent the shipping (Rocketshipping and Ikarishipping the most) and anime discussion threads. ^^
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