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    I've been very very busy with other things lately, but I want to share with you that I'm back playing Pokemon. I just recently bought Soul Silver. So maybe we can trade again in the near future. ;-)

    Hey babe, haven't been online on Serebii for AGES (well not literally ages, but at least for a very long time hehe).

    Things are fine here. I'm currently really really addicted to Mass Effect 2 (xbox360) so that's why I haven't been playing any pokémon lately.

    How are you doing?

    However if you need it being cut to put in a sig then you'll need to ask as I kept it one image at the moment
    PM me when you're on. :) I'm on wi-fi right now, but you can usually find me online during 7:00PM (GTM+1).
    Wut you can breed shiny poké's? :O How do you do that?

    Well, if you're going to breed me a shiny, I would say, anything that could aid me in some (competitive) battling is fine. :) Surprise me! :D

    Thank you so much in advance!
    hi wen can u trade

    your relaxed yellow forest flying pikachu, Ario pikachu, and World 09 Weavile
    for my GCEA Mareep, Murkrow, and Torchic
    Yeah but you have tons of legendaries and shinies! :O I don't even have single simple shiny! I only encountered one shiny ever in my life, it was a wurmple and I failed to catch it! ;_;

    Honestly, are you some sort of pokémon legend or do I just have REALLY BAD luck?
    you're the greatest. :) It's just unbelievable how you get all these poke's and give them away for free!
    I'm on now. I'll give you a Murcrow, even though I guess you already have plenty. If I can even repay you the favor in any form or shape just tell me. :)
    Hardy is fine and do you really wanna give it for free!?!?! That's bloody awesome! Are you sure you want nothing in return? Not even something small that could be useful to you?
    Woah shinies all over the place! :p

    Anyway do you have a Zapdos or not? Shiny maybe? (A) I can give you craploads of pokemon for it if you want!
    Awesome! :D

    I'll come online with pokémon Diamond right away! Here is the list of what I want:

    I want to learn him Ice Punch. It can replace Ice Beam.

    I want him to learn Woodhammer, it can replace Grass Knot.

    PS: Do you by chance have a spare Zapdos, preferable Modest or Timid nature? I really need a (UT) Zapdos, but if you don't have a UT Modest or Timid Zapdos, another nature might do too. If you have one, what would you like to have in return for it? I could give you another (one of my last) 10thAni Mew.
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