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Last Activity:
Jan 5, 2018
Mar 6, 2016
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get out of my way

Fairfax was last seen:
Jan 5, 2018
    1. Omegagoldfish
      Hello, we have an ASB match going.
    2. Eliteknight
      reminder you're up in our match
    3. Omegagoldfish
    4. kawaiiconcept
    5. TrottingMinccino
      Oh my, you came back! Sorry about our match, by the way, I didn't want to wait any longer there...
    6. TrottingMinccino
      Hey there, are you still around? We're awaiting you on a few matchups.
    7. Coolz8
      I'm coming tonight xd
    8. Coolz8
      Ah, Yes I've had to stop midway. It'll be coming today
    9. YoungGoose
      OK thank you for that
    10. YoungGoose
      Sorry about the whole match with Trot thing didn't notice it was taken till after I messaged you, but would you mind if I took your match with 20k
    11. YoungGoose
      Would you be fine with me Reffing you match with Trot?
    12. Aposteriori
      Feel free to sign up!
    13. Connor™
      Yeah as you probably know I'm going with scrapping it, but I'm going to create a newer tournament which should be more fluid which you'll have a shot to enter.
    14. Connor™
      Do you want to be put into The Friendship Cup? It'd be a rather awkward way but it gives you a shot. Two of the battlers who made it into the second round have apparently vanished, so you'd be battling ShuckTsubo to replace one of them.
    15. Phoopes
      yeah that's fine
    16. kusari
      Hello my good buddy Fairfax. I see that your match with ShuckTsubo is in need of a new. I would like to assist in this matter, however due to being a returning, and therefore, ungraded ref I need to ask your permission to take said match.

      So, whaddya say? I'm not one of those "ref every day" types but I can get you a round down every other day (depending on speed of orders and whatnot).
    17. lakarr
      Ack! I totally meant Blitzle, I even have it written on the piece of paper I was using to pick my squad, I just spaced and put Zebstrika (probably because I named him after my in-game Zebstrika).
      Thank-you for the links, no doubt I'll find them very useful!
    18. Phoopes
      yeah yeah I just said this to ShuckTsubo earlier in the day, you'll get your reffing later today. Apologies, I had exams followed by a tournament so there was a lengthy delay. Won't be this long in the future
    19. Phoopes
      check out your match thread vs. Shuck Tsubo real quick
    20. Alatar VGC
      Alatar VGC
      That's an awesome sig you have!
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