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  • Haha, I listened to this less than an hour before you posted it XD

    I quite like it. The extra verse is a very nice touch. I'm just a little bit disappointed that it's not more... exciting. I know that the original isn't and shouldn't be considered exciting but I think Wilson should just be a little bit more 'into it' after when he says "and wandered in the afterglow".

    Very nice, still.
    I gotta agree with you on ITAOTS. I have never skipped a song. Then again, I've only listened to it about 40 times XD

    Hm, another album I consider perfect is Absolution by Muse. I dunno if you've heard it or not, but I discovered it in August 2010 and it still remains my favorite album ever to this day. Lungs by Florence + the Machine is positively amazing as well.
    You oughta listen to Starless by them.

    Hm, haven't heard of Sonic Youth or Dinosaur Jr. And I don't really know much by the rest. I know a little Pink Floyd, but really just the more popular stuff - Money, Wish you were Here, the Brick in the Wall series.

    I'll be honest, I mostly listen to modern music. The only stuff from before the 90's that I've really been into is progressive rock (and the B-52s, love them). My favorite bands at the moment are Muse (their older stuff, I'm disappointed with their last two albums) and Porcupine Tree, but I like a little bit from every genre except Country. I guess if I had to make a list... Muse, PT, Florence + The Machine, Madina Lake, innerpartysystem, Gwen Stefani/No Doubt, the B-52s, CAKE, Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Elliot Minor, deadmau5, and the Gorillaz. And Taylor Swift, she's one of my guilty pleasures.
    I'll give it a listen.

    Any other bands you're into? I think I saw you post something from King Crimson, I absolutely love Starless by them.
    Not sure if I've heard the acoustic version.

    And ok, I'll definitely check out signify sometime.

    Two headed boy part 2 is beautiful
    I'll check out On Avery Island some other time. I don't want to rush through the one I have.

    No, I haven't heard the whole albums but I know some songs from them. You should listen to this awesome cover of Trains. I think I prefer their work from the middle of their career. Then again, I usually just listen on youtube and have no idea which albums the songs are from :/

    Oh, and Nine Cats is a great song too.
    ITAOTS is my favorite of the four cds, hands down. I've listened to it about 8 times since Christmas. It's absolutely beautiful. Is their older work any good?

    And the PT albums were Lightbulb Sun and The Sky Moves Sideways. Russia on Ice is such an amazing song.
    Dude, you have a great taste in music... NMH, Porcupine tree, Modest mouse...

    Guess what I got for Christmas? In the Aeroplane over the Sea, Good News for People who love Bad News, and 2 PT albums.

    Thank you for the FR.
    It's just so hard to decide when there's so much good. Also some of those bands are really rad.

    Modest Mouse (as we know), The National, Mumford & Sons, The Mountain Goats, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Awolnation, Muse, OK Go, and Foster The People. Just to say a few c:
    Man that's an extensive list.

    As I stated before my favorite album as a whole is We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, however This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About is in a close second for favorite album. For songs, I've noticed a trend; as in I usually lean toward their 'crazier' stuff as I call it. I love love love King Rat, Breakthrough, March Into The Sea, Education, The View, Styrofoam Boots, Florida, Ohio, and Dashboard. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes is cool too. It's just super hard to pick aaaa.

    What other bands do you really like? c:
    So, out of all the excellence that is Modest Mouse. What would you consider your favorite song(s) by them?
    Oh my god, I had no idea there were so many PT fans on serebii! Just discovered them about a month ago and they are my favorite band now
    My favorite album is We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
    But This Is A Long Drive For Someone with Nothing to Think About was great too. So I guess I like it all c:
    You have good taste in music, both in what you reviewed and what you posted. I've listened to the first two Mars Volta albums, but I haven't heard the rest of their discography yet, even though I own it ^_^'
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