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Last Activity:
Feb 25, 2019
Apr 9, 2011
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Metroid Hunter

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Metroid Hunter, Female, from Zebes

Metroid Hunter Mar 26, 2018

FairyWitch was last seen:
Feb 25, 2019
    1. Vali
      Got it :) thanks
    2. AnimeFinder
      it is ok. i dont deserve to be....im too busy...............................................sigh..........im just upset cuz in the end, it was u who gaved up from me........it is ok.
    3. manaphy72
      Thatas great, I hope it works out for you
    4. Vali
      If I don't make the war team on my current clan, I will join yours :)
    5. DrasticPhase
      it will probablly not but you may have new members if it recovers ^o^
      probably me and mad wont come back because we both went to our home clan
      wind and shadow may come back because TEG could be their first clan
      but i hope TEG for the best ^o^
    6. DrasticPhase
      hope you can recover it ^^
    7. DrasticPhase
      oh im fine with acers's new clan c:
    8. Blazing-Arrow
    9. madmarine0
      Well I'm sorry :/ all I can offer u right now is a spot each in ascension for you and whatever remaining members you have.. ><
    10. ShadowFox11
      D: P.S. dont let mathew lead ._.

      Oh yeah so sorry to hear that, yeah TEG is dying :( Im so sorry i left, its just the inactivity D: If it dyes... ;-; Maybe the peopla saw me as a leader or somethin (Sorry if im being cocky) and whenthey saw i left they felt they didnt wanna stay cuz you iz no very active (honestly) :L
    11. matthewm9
      eevee i am going to join your clan and i can be an artist and eventually fill up the mssing co-leader spot! if its ok with you
    12. manaphy72
      wow, I am so terribly sorry to hear that
    13. manaphy72
      EEVEElover824, Its been a long time since we talked. how are you
    14. DrasticPhase
      I'm sorry that i left Eevee...
    15. Suicune101
      Eevee erm, well i just got my Comp back from being grounded so uh, imma be on more now but... i am not really active in TEG so i might quit, i Might, ...not sure..,
    16. DrasticPhase
      Sorry but I guess i have to leave
      It has been no activity and no more post count anymore...
      It was just like SkyReaperz....
      sorry but ill miss TEG....
    17. Skarm™
      hey eevee, i was wondering if you could ev my last wo pokemon, alakazam and milotic. alakazam already has 252 sp.attack. it needs 252 speed, and i'll take care of sp. defense.

      as for milotic, it needs 252 defense, 128 hp, and 128 sp. defense. i know milotic has more sp defense than defense but my cresselia is already my sp. defense wall so i used milotic as defense. and you don't have to do 128 for those two, if it's easier, just do 252 hp and 4 sp. defense but i prefer 128's. if you can do it thanks! if you can't, still thanks but you're the only person i know that will help me. tell me what you want in exchange if you can do it. thanks!
    18. Suicune101
      Hey eevee sry i am not online as much school id getting in the way lol but i am gonna be online alot now again c=
    19. WindStorm
      I'm sorry to hear about that D:
      And I will keep that offer in mind.
    20. ShadowFox11
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  • About

    Metroid Hunter
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Hey there everyone this is a short bio but My name is FairyWitch a kind nice person that just loves anime,video games, and art. I hope to make new friends and I am the leader of TEF and was the main leader of a old guild called TEG. I have a nice art shop here as well as a trade shop :) I love shiny pokemon and shiny hunting and I absolutely love Samus Aran and the Metroid series.

    If you like to see how many shinies I got. I try to update my chart just put this in your browser tab and see what I got :p
    http://i.imgur.com/pJgSTB3.png <---shiny chart image


    Current Hunt: 950 srs so far! (on hold atm)
    Looking for Competitive Pokemon in matching ball choices check out my Competitive Breeding Shop!
    IGN: Allie 2ds wfc 1736-5861-9161 PS Name: FairyWitch824

    My Guild~Tef Chat Site~Guild's Spread~Metroid Club~Art Shop~Youtube Shiny Videos