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Hey there everyone this is a short bio but My name is FairyWitch a kind nice person that just loves anime,video games, and art. I hope to make new friends and I am the leader of TEF and was the main leader of a old guild called TEG. I have a nice art shop here as well as a trade shop :) I love shiny pokemon and shiny hunting and I absolutely love Samus Aran and the Metroid series.

If you like to see how many shinies I got. I try to update my chart just put this in your browser tab and see what I got :p
http://i.imgur.com/pJgSTB3.png <---shiny chart image
Favourite Pokémon
Metroid Hunter


Current Hunt: 950 srs so far! (on hold atm)
Looking for Competitive Pokemon in matching ball choices check out my Competitive Breeding Shop!
IGN: Allie 2ds wfc 1736-5861-9161 PS Name: FairyWitch824

My Guild~Tef Chat Site~Guild's Spread~Metroid Club~Art Shop~Youtube Shiny Videos