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  • I found a couple shiny Pokemon there looking for HA's. One happened to be a Gyarados, and I did manage to get a HA Bold Tangela that I trained into a Tangrowth. Sometimes you get lucky with the Nature and IVs they choose to give you. Also I really can't wait till they have an Event or allow Zygarde to be Shiny. Its the only Ground-type I need Shiny. Plus I'm definitely going to be either getting one with good IVs and Nature, or looking for one.
    No worries, I always keep myself in my limits. And I like that, I love collecting Shiny Ground-types, I got them all already, but now my goal is to collect Shiny Versions of them all that I could EV Train and use in battles. Plus of course my Favorites too that aren't Ground-type.
    New game first I would think. It's supposed to appear in the next movie with Volcanion. I'd be kinda sad if they skipped over Z straight to gen 7.
    Oh wow, that's a big goal to accomplish. Hopefully its just 1 Pokemon from the Evolution Line and not a Human Shiny Pokedex.
    That's great to hear. And yeah Anti-Virus Protection is good to have, keeps the problems away for the most. As for the Updating, you have to do what's more important first, eventually it will all get done. I'm sure the images aren't going nowhere, unless that website is deleting them. Swapping them shouldn't be too hard to do anyways. Plus its always best to see the examples of your artwork so we know exactly what type of art we would like to request. And with the little Pokemon News that is showing up, hopefully we'll get the Next Pokemon Game(s) Announcements soon to boost the Competitive Sections activity up.
    Excellent! Great that you have everything under control.

    What do you think of the new Steel/Fairy type? (I just know that's what the typing is. :p)
    Ha, ha, yeah, gotta love those JPEGs that have been saved over and over again and look like confetti got puked all over it. Whenever I open a shop, I usually have a tricky time deciding if I want people to provide the images or if I should just go fetch them myself. It can be extra work to have to go hunt down the images of things people want, but if they provide a really crappy one, that's even worse.
    Thanks FairyWitch, hope Piplup comes very soon. 5-digit hunts are a pain to deal with, especially with tons of dialogue to go through.
    Hello!! Congrats on the new laptop!! Can't wait to see you back in action soon. ^^

    It will most likely be uplifted soon so feel free to make the club when the rule gets null.
    Hi fairy I noticed u and smeargle are going for the charm I can help u both out, I just need a list to what u want me to get for u
    Yeah, weird color combos and weird images were rough. Mixing stuff like brown, green, and black just never looks good. And when people want three vastly different images incorporated into the same banner and they all have different art styles or the quality is a very pixelated JPEG, I don't enjoy working with that.

    The worst is when they want a banner larger than the thumbnail-sized images you're given. It's almost impossible to make that look good.
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