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  • Yeah, for me, it was tough trying to keep on top of all the requests. I would have liked to spend more time experimenting to see if I could create a better method or style, but the sheer number of them forced me to just crank them out like clockwork and it resulted with me not really getting too much improvement in.

    Also, sometimes, people have really weird requests. Sure, they may follow the rules, but trying to piece what they want together is kind of a WTF experience.
    I never even knew shinies existed until sometime in 2013. I was playing my first game, Diamond. Had finished the storyline, gotten my hands on LeafGreen and Emerald, and was hunting the GBA insert 'mons to get as much of the dex as I could at the time. And while hunting shuckle for the dex I found a strange-looking floatzel that sparkled at me. Once I caught it and after I figured out what the heck I'd just found, I wanted more. Thus was born a shiny hunter XD
    I did not have the charm at that point; I hadn't even gotten my... fourth or fifth gym badge. RNG just royally screwed me over with that hunt. Only other hunts that've come close were golurk in Gen V (RE hunt at Dragonspiral Tower, Black 2) and my virizion SR in White 2. Both were over 23,000 encounters.
    My most frustrating SR hunt was That Damn Ledyba about a year or two ago now. I was SRing red berry trees in the berry fields in Y. Despite the lowered odds, it took me close to 28,000 soft resets. It might actually have been over since several times I lost my count and had to guess at where I was, so I know I did more resets but I don't know exactly how many more. After that hunt I bought my click counter for SRing XD;;;

    Hopefully yours won't be that bad!
    Wow, geez. I kind of feel out of the loop with that whole section. I hope it does well, though hopefully keeping up with requests doesn't become too tricky for you.
    Haha are you now my bad it's great to see females playing Pokemon And good luck with your hunt. If it makes you feel better SRing for Lugia was a huge pain for me.
    I think I was a little more than halfway to madness when the thing finally shone. But at least it's now over!
    Glad to see you back fairy ^w^
    sorry about your computer troubles, ik how crappy that can be D: (i'm on my 3rd laptop now. cheaply made things only last a year and a half for me x.x )
    Damn that sucks, I have an old I think 2003 laptop that someone gave to me 3 years ago, it worked for a few months playing garrys mod then just stopped working, I can't play games on it and can barely start the internet on it, and best buy can't even do anything about it
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