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  • It's a long story, and I really don't want to go into it. But I just can't be in a guild with people who are willing to defend the KKK literally going through black neighborhoods. Or having co-leaders basically imply that the only reason they're not openly mocking me (assuming that's what "go memelord" is meant to imply) is because we're "friends". And no, nothing's gonna smooth this one over. You can find plenty of people way more competent than me.
    I'm done. I'm out, not staying for another ****ing second. I don't care who replaces me. This guild is dead to me. It's been LOVELY, but hearing someone I thought was my friend justify the KKK going through black neighborhoods then having my own ****ing co-leader say that if they weren't my friend they'd "go memelord" on me was just too much. So good riddance.
    Oh no! Hope you're feeling better now! Sucks to hear about your computer as that happened to one of my super old computers but I never went to fix it so it's still dead. =S Any way, I finished my two remaining examples! I went and did some requests you had on queue but I'll send you my results for them and you can tell me if it's okay to take them. I'll send all the images via PM for your opinion. I won't edit the first post until you're back since it still is your shop. I'll just make a debut post when I get the OK from you. ^_^
    Thank you!! Merry Christmas to you too!

    I wonder what happened to everybody that used to make graphics before....there was a surge of graphic makers but everyone either disappeared or found a new hobby, haha. I will just create some examples if that is okay since it's been so long since I made graphics myself. I'll spend the weekend working on them. =] Most likely I'll be making banners and icons but I'll try to make some similar graphics to the ones in your shop to keep its consistency in style. I shall let you know when I'm ready. ^^ In the meantime, good luck with your laptop issues!! I wonder what's wrong with it...=o
    Hello! I'm fine, thanks for asking! :D Trying to enjoy this....very warm winter season lols.

    Aw, that sucks for your computer. As for your shop, well my suggestion is to have a worker to keep the thread active while you are away, otherwise unless somebody posts before January 10th, the shop may fall into its indefinite inactivity. =[ If you desperately need a worker, I don't mind taking that position to help out. :D Let me know what you think.
    I am gunna go for now guys but I will try to be on tommorow on my boyfriend computer off from work its strange not being on much XD
    As a matter of fact, my laptop also got busted, and I lost PhotoShop in the process :( I'm working on getting another copy. In other news, I've made a substantial amount of profit from selling YuGiOh cards on eBay. For someone who doesn't have a job, making ~$150 a month from vending stuff you pull out of a pack isn't bad at all. Maybe I'll save up for a car.
    Hey Eevee, I just wanted to ask if you have a HA timid perfect nidoran m that you're willing to trade for something. Thanks! Also, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
    Holy hell it's been a long time. I've honestly got a lot of family problems going on right now, so I really don't have the time to do anything other than school and argue with my parents. I'm honestly not sure how long it'll go on for. Hopefully not too long. Thanks for checking up on me though, I appreciate it.
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