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  • Thank you! :D I've been on a roll since I caught shiny Taillow! I was so shocked when I seen Jigglypuff shine at 52 encounters today! I was absolutely stunned lol. When I get back from work tonight I'll probally start up another DexNav hunt! I don't know who I'll go after, but I definitely have a few canadates in mind! Good luck with Absol! I bet there's a shiny in one of those 9 boxes!
    Heya Fairy. Thanks so much for the notice! Truth be told, I haven't gotten around to check out te Club since I went on vacation. X(
    I think I will be passing on ownership of the club after all. I will make an announcement soon (after I clean up the thread first and add new members :) ) and give other dedicated members a chance to take over. If no one is willing to accept this responsibility, I am confident you would do a great job, if you're interested. :)
    Well, I'm not really active of the site any more, but I do check my notifications often and I haven't had any challengers at all! >_< I guess I'll just leave both my positions due to not getting any challengers and not playing Pokemon as much.
    Success! WOuld you have ever thought in a million years that Klefki would be so OP in the meta? I'm so very proud of it. :')
    Coincidentally, I saw a rumor today that there's a very good possibility that we're getting Gen VII sometime next year... which means much like Gen V, Gen VI would be really short lived. :(
    Hope that doesn't happen though, we need a third Kalos game, or sequels!
    Pokemon on mobile is gonna be weird getting used to at first I will admit.
    I caught a shiny Taillow using the DexNav!!! I lost track of my chain though! My search level for Taillow is 176. I'll definitely be using this method more! I'm uploading the video right now! Staying up until 3am was well worth it lol!
    also forgot to say, we've got our banner for the tournament done, so when did you want to do the tournament? I'm thinking in about 2 weeks? It will give people time to prepare, and give me time to get some prizes together. What do you think? I'm willing ot make the thread once we gt the details sorted out.
    I'm sorry I keep missing you, our time zones are being a pain in the neck xD I'll be on doing some updates and such if you happen to be on.
    Awesome! In at least 5 stats? You're a Pokemon breeding machine! It's good to see you're still passionate as ever.
    Yeah, life has been busy off and on, plus I've been busy with other games. I'm waiting for that next Pokemon game (or games) announcement... and I don't mean Pokemon Go. :p
    Oh hey, what a nice surprise! Good to see you.
    Klefki is still as awesome sauce as ever! I haven't bred anything for the longest time though. I do have shiny Klefki though... multiple, as a matter of fact. ._.
    I want a shiny Umbreon so bad! I'm probably going to tackle some more chain fishing once I get the good rod! I have my japanese Ditto and my Eevee sitting in Pokemon Bank, so when I'm ready to MM I'll be set! Eventually I'll try out the Dex Nav for shiny hunting! I think I might fair better with that than the Poke Radar.
    Thanks! :D That's excellent! Congrats on the 5 iv Absol! :D Good luck with your MM hunt I'm thinking about MM'ing another Eevee at some point. There's so many Pokemon I want to MM.
    Hey Fairy I have a few Pokemon I wanted to donate for a give away or raffle or tourney prize or whatever you'd want to use them for
    I've been doing great! I just went out and bought Alpha Sapphire yesterday so now I own both versions! I also got an Eon ticket via street pass today! I was out and about and when I got back home I noticed it! You're on a roll! I just saw your Marill video the other day that's awesome Fairy! :D This month has been a good shiny month for you. I'll be doing some shiny hunting later today! I haven't done a shiny hunt since last November. Time for me to get my shiny game back on!
    well guys gunna go to bed for tonight its like freaking 2 am in the morning where I live I will get on later today after sleep night!
    Well, floating Pokemon...Okay, this makes me laugh so hard.

    Actually, its for my PASBL squad summary. They did a super change in what level does a trainer get a certain Pokemon so My Arbok and Hariyama: Two of the best Pokemon got devolved into Ekans and Makuhit. WTF? >.< But, I got a Haxorus. :D
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