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  • =] Good luck on your hunt(s), I'm sure you'll get one, just dont give in ;)
    Guess I'll get back to Solosis hatching tomorrow!
    Well 20 encounters would be very lucky.. Im still really lucky and it took me 1217 of them =P
    Yeah I actually haven't gotten any of the games since Emerald because I didn't have a DS :p I tend to neglect the old ones too, but recently I took up a Scramble challenge on FR, so that's keeping me hooked on it.
    Haha I'd hate that so much. xD Well now that you mention silver I guess I can count the egg you get that's always shiny, so I can say I've had 2 shiny pokemon total. :p I wish I had spent more time on my crystal, I didn't get it until after R/S so it was kinda neglected. xD
    Haha yeah the only shiny I've ever gotten is Venipede. :p It's amazing that after playing the games since the beginning, well, GSC anyway, I've never ran into one. Oh well I guess I really didn't play to hunt shiny pokemon when I was 10. xD
    Yeah a lot of people like Litwick better, including me, I just meant that if you're lucky enough to RE a shiny pokemon, you should be happy no matter who you get. I've never RE'd one, so that's why I don't care if it's either one of the two. :p
    Yeah that is a pretty good idea. I'd hatch more too, but I like to focus on one hunt at a time. And a shiny Litwick would be amazing, even Elgyem wouldn't be too bad.
    Haha yeah I know. :p You definitely should RE for a while, it'll take your mind off Horsea for the time being. :)
    Im just doing the RE hunt as a break from hatching eggs ^^ Can use a break once in a while hehe =P
    You should join us in the RE litwick hunt and then MM a petilil ^^
    Have hatched 580 eggs so far, dont have a lot of time these days, rather suckish =/
    Still not hatching for me.. on 465 eggs now, so rlly not that surprising, as it's not a lot yet =/ How about your hunt? Hatch a shiny yet? =]
    Well...I guess I just kind of moved on to PS2 and stuff after playing Pokemon Red and never got back into it until now. Now I want like ALL of them (Diamond is on its way in the mail!)
    Kingdra is pretty awesome. :) Well good luck with your hunt, hopefully you'll get it soon! I hope my Skorupi hunt doesn't take too long. Sadly I still need to get one so I might be spending some time on it. :p
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