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  • Oh sorry, I should've stated that it's more of an implied thing right here
    As the seed determines the sequence of numbers that will follow, it is important that it is different each and every time you play. If the same seed was chosen each time, the pattern of numbers, and how they affect the game, would be noticeable over time, breaking the illusion of randomness.
    Which basically means that when you turn the game on you get a seed that stays the same until you restart the game, but since they move places every restart it could be beneficial or not because the next egg could be shiny or it could be 100 eggs away.
    haha good luck ^^ shiny horsea is awesome :D i hope you get yours soon and hopefully you don't have to hatch 100 eggs >.< sadly, i just hatched my 1320th joltik egg :[
    Yeah, the old days were nice. Less complicated as well :p
    I'm actually surprised there's no way to get Eevees from inside the Unova region..o.o
    Aye, Gen 1 was my first as well. I remember being so excited when I found you got a free Eevee in Celadon. But then I spent hours trying to figure out what to evolve it into XD
    Espeon and Glaceon are my favourite Eevee evolutions. :eek:
    The Green was a bit too bright.

    How can someone NOT be an Eevee lover? :p
    Tehe, Yeah I love my Glaceon.
    Someone traded a shiny Eevee to me for a Thundurus (I think I got the better end of the deal)
    Turns out it was a VGC10 Eevee.

    It would have been a shiny Espeon, but I don't like the Green :eek:
    Might put it on pause and try another for a while, Just to see another pokemon pop out hehe =P
    Since double/triple/quadruple/multi posting in a single thread is against the rules, it is HIGHLY suggested you edit your last post. It's okay and I'm glad you want to understand the rules better. Good luck! I hope my explanation helped.
    its okay for questions to be askin question bout stuff on my private messages but please don't waste time askin for my shiny pokemon...they are not up for trade...otherwise don't mind talkin to anyone...
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