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  • Alright, just wanted to know. They're allowed to change as much as they want until they win a badge, then they're stuck with the rules of switching 1 after each loss.
    I seen the new battle report post, but I don't think everyone knows they have to add the challengers team now.
    Also question, Rule 3 says they must use that one team and can only change 1 member if they lose. Is that rule for the entire triad, meaning if they challenge leader 1 and lose, they can only change 1, or is it for after they've beaten at least 1 gym in the triad?
    I absolutely take the position (lucky me)
    Also i actually forgot to check if that was already used (so double lucky me).
    And is it possible for it being doubles OU?
    Sunday will do but can you do it in the morning your time means night my time?
    ah interesting. Never seen an e6 done b4. or an e5 for that matter but any who
    Goodnight! :D gonna get started on breeding since that always takes the longest.
    thank you!
    and derp ofc I forget to put the type
    and yay dragon leader too. gonna get the steel gym done first since I only need to ev train like 2 mons. dragon will take some breeding, but I'm excited to rejoin and get back into things. :D
    also is the region system like the triad system in trinity league? I ask because I just noticed today that it changed. also those sig banners look so freaking good! Since I'm doing another 2 gyms at the same time I might request another one of your awesome banners though ;3
    Dam, I'm so fickle. 'oh I'll stick to just applying for one league'
    the next day
    .______. really can't trust anything I say anymore huh ;_____________;
    Go ahead - still no luck with the comp. Even though I have most of the mons ready, I doubt I'll be able to battle the challengers efficiently =/
    Nobody wants a triples leader anyway - -
    I'm doing alright. Having sleeping troubles, once I get started on staying up all night/sleeping during the day I get stuck into it and its hard to get out of. Working on it though.

    yea ik, I'm a sucker for the league :p
    and I'll check it out but I'm probably going to stick to just one league for now. My online class doesn't have me do much, but it along with splatoon + if I'm able to be a leader again will take up most of my time.
    So the only change is that a challenger now has to face a triad with the same team? Sounds simple enough :)
    Pm box full :)
    I'm doing great I will get around to challenging the league and seeing how good the new leaders are as well as try to rank myself up in the guild. I meaning to ask have i been added to the Harena Region list I noticed I have not been added other than that I cant wait to challenge the guild's league.
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