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  • Give him the position but let him know I will be challenging the league soon and his badge will be my first :)
    It has been a while, but the Aqua league is starting again. I got bored with no commitments, I looks to be busy. Great to hear that you can do the artwork, I'll send you a message when we have 4 gym leaders with the first set of banners and badges (you do badges right?)
    Have fun with your other leagues, you are always welcome at Aqua league though, as a challenger or as a leader.
    Hey Fairywitch,
    Your PM box is full so I'll post here.
    It's been over a year since I left the forums, but now I have returned and am making steps to resurrect Pokemon Aqua Gym League.
    I was wondering:
    A) If you would like your spot as Fairy Leader
    B) If you have time to do artwork for the leaders. I am using most of the old art as it covers what I need and is still relevant, but everything that was person specific needs to be remade for the new leaders.
    I'll be on in like 10-20 minutes. Gotta do something first. But I want to know right now if I'll lose my mod status or not. I never really did anything as a mod anyway, but I just want some certainty.
    I'm alright. Lots of bad thunder storms/tornadic storms keep coming through my area so I've been losing internet sometimes, or the really bad times I'll lose electricity.
    and lol I started it, go look on his page :p
    I'll let him know. Though, we messaged him Skull a lot of times and he's been on to see the messages. My inbox isn't full either, so there was a ton of time.
    Eey Fairy, i'm doing alright.

    If you can send me a PM with the info I need the know about the badges I will try to make them as soon as possible.
    will not be on much today or tommorow guys also I will post if I will be away or not for sure for the weekend small ray of hope I may be going to the convention after all so fingers crossed.
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