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  • Well whatever u decide make sure it makes u happy, try more battling things like that that's what I do, although lately I been into yugioh a lot more so I also haven't been doing anything Pokemon related since I enjoy hanging with friends and dueling n been going to a few tournaments and even got a bunch of the new gold series
    No problem. I know what it's like to consider leaving a site, and sometimes we just need to think about it, encouragement and so on. :) Just remember whatever you decide, to not make a choice you'll regret later.
    Don't worry about it. As for leaving serebii for good, it's your choice, but remember to not do something you'll regret later. I know life and such can also factor into not being able to come onto here/other places from time to time but either way, hope everything goes well for you. If this is goodbye then, farewell FairyWitch and take care.
    That's up 2 u, u should stay but that's just me although I do think u should take care of anything irl before returning u should leave the gyms and guild n ur shop since u rarely open or do requests and just stopping in every 3-4 days or so just to say your alive n to say ur busy is discouraging, so if I were u take care of everything before returning but not leave entirely
    That's alright, I believe it's best we cancel the trade and such. That includes the other one from your give away thread as I'm no longer interested. Thanks for your time.
    fairy wanted to know if its ok to post in ur guild even though you havent accepted the application yet
    Hi FairyWitch, if we could do the trade sooner rather than later that'd be great. I don't mind waiting but I'd like an ETA on when you think we might can do the trade because it's already been over two months since we agreed to the trade and I'd like an ETA that way I don't have to check in each day here.
    We just found my brothers game so I'm gonna get his starters and breed for the female with HA if you still need it
    ah i see well thats good ill join tomorrow sincei havent read all the areas yet but once i do ill fill out an application to join hoping to get more battles more or less that arent fix to once thing
    Hello, I see, the green light is back next to your name? :p

    Anyways, do you happen to have an extra Diancie? I do not have anything to give you back. I can breed something if you want though.
    Heyvl everyone on my new phone atm so can't answer everyone back but just checking up. I am fine if anyone has been with wondering.I will answer back tommorow it seems I have got sick again -_-
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