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  • Oooh, nice! I'll check it out later today ^^ AP-Z is getting me a HA Snivy and a Buneary (I really like the Mega Evo) so I've got a nice start :D
    fairy just wanted to find out about your guild exactly since the others told me i could get more battles in fi i join wanted ot find out exactly how many battles a day id get(just a estimate)and how frequently do u have tournaments wanted to ask the head sicne i figure ull be able ot give me full info
    oh i understand! I haven't been on much either. so many other things occupying my time.
    and yea a break from serebii is alwasy nice.

    oh! and we can just drop that whole counter team stuff between me and burner. I wasn't having a very good day that day and my sour attitude clouded my judgment a little bit.
    Ok, I shall get to breeding her asap, though I'd rather hold off till you've gotten mine ready so it won't take up space in my game and incase you get her else where. So, let me know once you've bred the Weedle and have the other mons I requested in your giveaway thread ready and I'll breed yours asap then. "Ah funny story", haven't you heard, tis the season. xD (Colds)
    Hey FairyWitch, sorry I didn't get back with you sooner, caught a cold, then life happened and I finally remembered to check back here. Anyway, ok, do you still need the 5IV female fast ball Pichu or were you wanting something else for the mon I requested?
    Hey Fairy, it's Aranox :) I've been gone for a long time, but I'm gonna be back and more active in Pokemon again for the forseeable future :>
    I managed to slip in a name change in the last name change thread, but I've been really busy irl, but now that that's over I treated myself to Alpha Sapphire :D
    oh crap how did I never respond lol.
    how are you? :D
    also the front page needs an update xD still lists willie as the psychic leader.
    as far as the leader sig goes i'd just like the sinnoh breeder and bronzong on it :3
    opps my b lol just work up not thinking right>.>lol if its tonight is fine i wanna test some pokes out on your team so i should have enough time to ev train all of them and lv if you do happen to open:D kinda missed conquer when he opened since i fell asleep>.>oh well always got a next day for that
    you think it would be interesting if you added another diffculty where u had to pick 3 of the same types as the gym leader too battle aswell as a very difficult path that made you use a limited amount of pokes/typing(leader choice)as extremely diffcult i already know one of the leagues already has you use the same team as the gym leader not to sure if any other has you do the others
    So you love art how coincidental I just love it to the fullest its just a great way to express things I even won many awards and trophies in art art competitions how about you
    Hey there how are you ,i can see your warming up to me by accepting my FR thats great thanks alot, i hope i get to know you better while you get to know me better :D
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