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  • And there you go. Enjoy whatever evil needs you have with those 6!
    Don't mind the shards and bottle caps, consider it extra for all the time between when the deal was made and now. The shards are just because I wanna keep at least a few caps >_<
    ...oh. I think I stopped looking at all that stuff after the umpteenth offer I made you.
    Yep. I'll get on pokemon to make sure I have everything for you and get online after such confirmation (since I'm pretty sure I do)
    Hm... I'm noticing something odd, in that the Jangmo-o I had set aside for you is actually the Jangmo-o someone sent me to cover the Level Ball. I never noticed this, and I don't have any other Jangmo-o for some odd reason...
    I can "quickly" rebreed if that's an issue, otherwise everything else is just fine.
    Alright, I'm on, awake, and ready to dive back into Pokemon.
    Just send... something when you are on.
    By the way, is there a more direct way of contacting you outside of Serebii PM/VM, preferably a way that notifies me when you message me and that you are more active on? Discord, some websites chatroom, anything like that?
    When will you be next available? I know for a fact I will be able to trade at any time between Noon-midnight PDT, which roughly translates to 3 pm-3 am your time? Give or take?
    I think if I'm told a time to get on, I will be at least half an hour early.
    Sorry for any confusion. I did NOT IV breed them. If you want them IV bred, I can restart the process, but it will obviously take time.
    Hey my home internet connection is down, and it might take some days until they fix it, hope you can wait I will message you as soon as I have internet.
    Well, while I was awake all night (if I don't take my regular evening meds, I tend to suffer from a bit of insomnia), I was able to quickly breed your Luvdisc and Starly. While they are both females in their offered Balls, I must point out that I made little effort to breed any IVs to them. Starly is Adamant with Double-Edge and Roost (though, who cares about Roost as an egg move?). Luvdisc is Bold with Water Sport and Supersonic (again, not too impressive, but it is a Luvdisc, after all). I felt I should tell you this all so you don't put in too much effort for my requests. I'll try to return here at 3:00 pm. We live in the same time zone, so no calculations need apply. Hopefully, we can trade then. Or, if you can, just send a PM to me and, assuming I hear the email notice ping on my phone, I'll rush back here so we an trade. Of course, you may not have the Pokémon by then (Sorry. Didn't consider that while typing this all out). If not, no worries. I can wait.
    It was my fault for forgetting, I could've got with you around 4. Yeah I'll set a reminder for later today, I'll be off work at 2 I'll check back.
    Thanks, glad I could help get you something you really wanted and I got something I really wanted :)
    I thought you'd send me the request if it failed. Seeing as that is not the case, I'll just keep trying to request you til it works.
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