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  • I honestly forgot I had that special dedenne. when I removed the electric gym from my sig I browsed through my pictures and discovered it.
    I was like ' I just have to bring this back, it's too funny!' and creepy ;P

    I'm doing good, I plan on doing a lot of work tomorrow, got a little bit of college homework, and then finishing up my teams for trinity hopefully if all goes well. How are you? ^w^

    also monday might not work since it's one of my longer college days and I'm usually tired from it, but if I'm feeling up to it then we can do it monday :3
    otherwise it'll probably be tuesday before I test you.
    Ahh, well that's ok! I think the way it is should be fine for now, I'll get to work on the post since I have the teams done already.
    Heyo Fairy! I was thinking about reopening the Freezer Gym that I briefly ran in TEG (the "casual gym" that was basically people fighting me with their 6 favorite pokemon for a poorly made badge that I made in MSPaint) and Moose said I should tell you about it to see what you think. Also if you agree do you know anyone that makes badges? I wanted to remake the freezer badge (seeing as its literally a purple star with a blue circle behind it) but none of the art shops offer badge making.
    Hello! I saw you were supposed to open your gym today. I'll give you my FC anyways: 4596 9628 9541. What's yours?
    Hey fairywitch! I remember when the guild closed,those were dark days :p I first came back because I was trying to get a Diancie, but I ended up spending time reminiscing in TEG or in pokegyms, now I will try to be a little more active, hopefully life won't get as much in the way again, I'm not going to join a guild for now, just in case I leave again. What's been happening with you?
    Thank you so much for Wailmer! :D I totally forgot to thank you, so better late then never! Sorry.
    I hath returned!
    The xat's been a pain, so if you could promote me back that'd be great.
    Nice to see the league up and running also.
    You really don't intend to open your shop again, do ya?
    It's in such a sad state... Just two shops and really few customers. Totally different from what it was before. I do remember there had a wide array of shops to choose before, competitions and all of this. Nowadays, there's only two...
    Man, I miss this.

    Venting, I know. Sorry. But maybe someday you can come back to us, Eevee...
    Due to a rather long list of complications, I'm going to have to give up my title as E4 until I know for sure I can get back on track. Even if I could get running this week, I'd only be running for a full month before I'd have to close down, due to my job + other RL business.

    Sorry 'bout the whole thing. I know it's been a drag so far, but if I had a say, things would have gone much differently.
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