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  • Great! I didn't see you online here or Discord but I will be available for another hour! We could trade tomorrow otherwise :)
    ...okay so I'm not sure I'll be on tomorrow, but I'll be home at (reliable) wifi on Thursday, and I currently suspect the wifi at the hotel will be decent at best, but I have trouble connecting my DS to hotel wifi anyways so I might not even bother.
    That's what's going on for me... on the bright side, at least it's only credits!
    In the 11 AM hour yes! (Specifically it's 20 mins to noon.) Cool, I'll aim for this time!
    Should just be able to type in your city then click it to add to the list. Then type "Japan" and click whatever comes up first (all of Japan is the same time zone). I'm gonna ball park and say I'd be around from 10 AM my time and could do any time after that, but if you know a more specific time that would be nice. ^^;
    No worries it's fine, i kinda missed you myself.
    I an try to match that time, though I don't know if I'll be available after that til thursday (spring break vacationing and I don't know the wifi details yet)
    Ahh I knew I was missing a cloning job somewhere! Unfortunately I am only around to check messages as I am at work. I miiiight be able to do it around this time from Wed onwards as I have time off, but I won't be like, around consistently except on my times listed in my trade thread.
    Could we set a day and time to meet? I'm on your time zone and free in the evenings. I'm not really getting notifications like I'm supposed to. I'll check back after noon today.
    I'll check as often as I can, otherwise get the 6 trade fodders ready.

    EDIT 8:20 pm GMT -7: still here
    must be a pretty neat advantage to creditmons, there's not a rush to get them to you...

    Well it's all ready to be sent over to you whenever you are next available.
    I was battling with Marika a lot last night and Lord Fighting was teasing a lot so out wifi was ok :3

    You managed to get back to Discord I see :D

    When will you open?
    idk, I'm not on mine right now. about to go get something to eat since discord is down for me and I can't talk to anyone ^^''
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