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  • Alrighty, I am still nowhere near done with Fates, but enraged enough at FERNG (which is different from regular RNG I swear) to go back to spinning in circles. Some other gaming distractions aside (including Soulsilver (after months of looking for a good deal or even finding a copy at all) for the sake of 4th gen and below Apricorn Balls), I'm able to trade. Feel like I was too far away from pokemon recently anyways...
    Hello~ Just saying I'll be avaliable for around the next 2hours, if it's good for you to trade :3
    Sorry for being a bit slow, still getting used to the forums!
    I'm trying to get a calm mantine with water absorb and a skarmory thats impish w/ sturdy

    idk about skarmory, but I know mantine isn't accessible until the late game/after the league is beat x.x
    and half the time I forget discord exists lol
    I'm going to miss you're gym opening due to work ;A;

    also heyo :3
    a small inquiry, do you have any of the gen 4 games? diamond/pearl/platinum, and if so do you have them beat :D?
    asking because my platinum is restarted sadly and I'm wanting to get some 'mons with defog and a good nature transferred up so that I can hyper train them. The only problem is I've only got 2 badges in that game ;A;
    You too thanks! ~ And yeah, I was breeding Togepis so had one left as extra (⁎⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)
    I'm so sorry, I just saw the visitor message, for some reason I don't get my usual email, also I forgot to get back with you yesterday, totally slipped my mind.
    My fc: 4356-3760-3252

    I can trade anytime in the next hour or so.
    Take your time! I am not in a rush obtaining the pokes ~ Please nurse your health back first O(∩_∩)O ~
    Ah, I'm waiting in the plaza! I'm pretty sure I still have you added :p Sounds like a hassle, but I have the same problem when I'm opening apps like skype or discord :eek:
    ..uh... sorry. I'm just now remembering that I made an offer to you.
    I do not have a good excuse whatsoever, I've been playing exclusively Fire Emblem Fates for the past week or two. In my defense, it's more mind-stimulating than spinning around in circles all day. There was some college application sending and testing going on to, but I usually play pokemon during that time anyways...
    Anyways, I'm... actually nowhere near done with playing Fates, but I have my Sun game in my second 3DS for the sake of multi-tasking as best as possible. Again, I am sorry for my silence.
    Oh wow, if you hadn't posted the edit post I probably wouldn't have noticed x'D I can be quite blind. Edited them! And yes, that's no problem at all ~ I will just trade you the promised 4 pokemon ପ(´‘▽‘✿҉)ଓ Hahaha! I guess the ralts was quite forgetful x'D I also forgot that I actually asked for one
    Hey FairyWitch! Sorry it's been quite a while, but when would you be available to trade for my HA Gligar? Thanks!
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