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  • Oh, yaaay ~ That's great ♪(^∇^*)

    Uhm,... but you can remove the Chespin from the list, sorry, I was really in need of it, so I got it somewhere else. I'm so sorry Q . Q I hope you didn't breed it already! Sorry x100! Did I say sorry already? Because I really am QvQ! And... uhm ....can you remove the ralts too please....
    It's a 3-friggin'-minute cutscene. I'm online from midnight until 10am my time (I'm nocturnal; I have no social life outside of xbox live and my computer) and in that time I'm lucky to get 130 soft resets done. I want soooooooooo bad to punch that smile right off Kukui's face. But I will get this [censored] shiny!
    Awesome that's great to hear. How's that going for you?

    And I took a break from Serebii just to focus on other things and couldn't remember to ever get on so it's nice to say hello to those still around
    I'm not doing a badge quest... I just want a shiny starter. I think I'm already mad; I'm just too deep in to stop now. The shiny will not win!
    Yeah, for now I organized them by types, since I was too lazy to always see in what ball they were, I might be the laziest human on earth xD.

    Oh dear, I always release them immediately, I don't have any empty boxes left Q.Q, I blamed it partially on my friend because she had to trade everything to me, since she got no pokebank, and now I am here, stuck with her pokemon in my game waiting for the day that she will finally take them back ....
    Phew ~ That's good xD, though you had to go through the trouble again getting it x.x'

    Oh woah, I wonder how you keep track of your games xD I decided to stuff everything in my pokebank, but then again, I don't always have access to the internet so it kind of sucks for me sometimes :c
    Uuh, so the nest ball chespin is okay now right? And Haw in dusk ball is just fine xD Don't worry about it, the colors match nicely ~
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