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  • I work again today but I will do my best to get online between 3 and 3:30 your time. I am CST. I do apologize for missing you yesterday.
    It's tough stuff for sure haha! It might be awhile (or never, depending on IRL demand), so it might be better to see if someone else can help out. I will keep you in mind though! Thanks! c:
    Took me a while to get a decent spread on yours since I offered timid and the one I had was modest. But yeah let’s trade a random for Charmander with coat and then i’ll Just trade that one back to you for Scyther with coat.
    I got Charmander bred too. The spread I got is near 6IV (SpD is 30) so hopefully that’s ok with you. I don’t have discord but I will check here periodically today. I’ll trade you the Charmander with the metal coat if you are willing to help me get Scyther evolved. Thanks!
    Hiya! Thanks for checking in! I'm alright, just too busy IRL; not a lot of time for myself and when I do have it I don't really wanna use it for trades haha. Hope you're doing alright as well! c:
    Ok, I still have the Nidoran ready for trade. Gen 6 please. If you need to breed another that's fine
    No offer, but grats on Blacephalon!
    ...that's about it. Now you can pet pet Bewear in US.
    Hey. Thanks for accepting my offer. I’ve completed your Trubbish, so just let me know once you’re ready, here or via discord. Or, if you do need the Deerlings, let me know the same way.
    sorry I haven't been available all week

    School and trying to completing the dex rn

    can you do after 5 or 6 on Tuesday
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