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  • Thats cool with me. I appreciate it. They was jus gonna go to waste if not. Thanks
    Hey FairyWitch, Ill be around tn if you wanna accept the donation. 4 rare candies 1 pp up and I got a Gold bottle cap if you want that. Lemme know:)
    I took you by surprise there huh? Ain't that awesome of me ~

    Yush, I'm in no rush, so just please take your time. No stress ~
    Ahaha, yeah sorry for being difficult. The priority was the ball anyways ~ I was going to look for a female espurr with premier ball afterwards, but I guess this works too! I will take it anyways O(∩_∩)O ~

    Alright ~ I will be ready for the trade!
    Ah you're the neutral party I see. People are trying to get Trump to not be allowed in the UK on a state visit lol

    I'm glad I mostly work mornings even if it means 5am starts for me :/
    I gotta breed and stuff for the pdl first so I might have to put your shop on hold.
    Cool yeah ill just wait and take the credit. Are you on tn? Wanna get these Rare candies now?
    wierd not sure if the message went through so reposting xD going online now regardless xD was about an hour exactly though ;P
    I understand, if you don't wanna do skarmory i get that xD also if you ever did go back that far, there are some nice safariball pokemon you can get in hgss :) i should be able to trade in about an hour if you're on xD if not we'll make it work. and i don't do go backs ;P you can charge me for double for everything forever xD
    Did you vote for Trump may I ask?

    Ha I know that feeling. I feel like I never leave work sometimes. Just do a little each day and then on your day off plough through your trades :D
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