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  • Funny how we were just talking about glitches they need to fix and then there's a patch. I hope they didn't fix the alolan exeggutor thing :p
    Well I appreciate the kindness :) I try to be nice too xD but still some people react poorly cause I like to give a lot of information at once :p, I must be being nice incorrectly, cause i see people react to your niceness and emojis with niceness and emojis back, and some people who treat you nicely don't respond the same way to my emojis and niceness xD
    anyways just letting you know people see the niceness, and so do I and I very much appreciate it :) I'll look forward to your added selections ;P
    your too nice xD you seem like your good at seeing things on the outside and reacting well to them even if you don't want to on the inside xD so I am jealous cause I am bad at filtering myself xD super off topic ;P but ties into you just being super duper nice.
    the loss of 1 credit pains me, forever shall i spend listless nights reliving the memory of once having 9 but no longer so. farewell cruel world. and hello to 8 credits, you are my new friend . xD side note: if you get 0IV's in speed for a lureball dhelmise, let me know :)
    I should be free in about an hour or so, it was the lillipup and bruxish? Just was wondering cuz I got a few mons set aside for other trades as well
    Ohhh yeeaah LOL I got one on Wonder Trade and I noticed that! The person probably wanted to show that off now that I think about it. Kinda like when evolving a pokemon, its next form flashes by at the top of the screen faintly and for a split second. how did they not catch that? XD
    Thank you too! :D hopefully no more errors/not showing up online happening in the future :p gamefreak has a lot of stuff to fix...
    haha it's okay, it took me about the same amount of time it would've taken for any other breed. can you trade now then?
    Hey, your Oranguru is ready :D lol, I thought mine had Telepathy and I didn't double check. of course it didn't. :p it had a random nature too so I bred several random ones and was pretty lucky to get a bold female with good IVs and telepathy, even though the other ability was taking priority.
    Hey FairyWitch I'd like to give five Bottle Caps in exchange for a Pokemon in your shop and I was wondering where I would put that information in the request forms. If you could help me, that would be appreciated!
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