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  • Same way ppl make the hack 6iv ditto everyone seems to be using :) I've had the chance to do so for awhile I just dont prefer it, I was just going to make the ditto something like 31/30/31/30/31/30 and breed with the heavy ball magnemite till I get the magnemite to get that spread
    Oh gosh, indeed. These battle trains just seemed weird to me and I honestly never bothered because it looked so boring to do xD.

    Good luck tho ~
    I noticed that and it has all of its Egg moves! :eek: That and I didn't realize how nice a combination of a Fast Ball and a Turtonator go well together!
    I was actually gonna try a hp fire magnemite as well but wasn't sure I should wait for bank and use the shiny hp fire one I have and breed so it has the heavy ball I want, or in reality although I've never done so I can make the any ditto I want have it's iv's to the HP I need and the offspring would be fine but I hate resorting to that so I'll try without it for now, I actually traded for a hp ground cutiefly from zold so shouldn't be to hard getting a shiny from that
    Had some trouble inputting the wifi password >.< Going to get online now, you still online?
    I believe I caught you on c: ~ Such a coincidence ♪(^∇^*) I just happened to open serebii browser
    Oh, I just realized that last night was Wednesday x'D Oops ~ I'm not good with dates during vacations ; ;
    My Pokedex is 82% complete! I'm going to try to finish the rest when I get home from work tonight. The GTS is such a life saver. I've been breeding tons of Oranguru and trading them off. They are in high demand. You're having some good egg luck lol.
    Great. I have your Snorunt, too. I'll be sure to be on tomorrow night, then.
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