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  • Thank you very much. By the way, I bred this from a male Japanese Snorunt I got off the GTS. If interested, you're welcome to use him if you wish to try for that shiny.
    I'm here now. When you get the chance, I'll be connected, so just start the trade.
    I'm online now, just gotta hope you don't decide to wait until tomorrow morning to be online as well. Kinda hard to trade pokemon with a sleepy person.
    Yeah, I'm glad you don't need 800+ pokemon for the shiny charm this time lol. it only took me about a month to fill the dex, whereas in AS it took me 2 years :p
    I usually keep the best ball matches around and put away the ones only LF would want :p like Safari Doduo or something that doesn't match 100% and/or people don't use competitively that much.
    Haha same! I love collecting matching ball pokemon and using my favorites competitively. I have a bunch that I wouldn't personally use, but I keep them around in case someone else wants one :p When bank comes, I'm only going to keep my favorites since I'm running out of room.
    Tell me about it XD Last time we traded 28 apricorn mons in a row and next we're doing 15 more...
    Same way ppl make the hack 6iv ditto everyone seems to be using :) I've had the chance to do so for awhile I just dont prefer it, I was just going to make the ditto something like 31/30/31/30/31/30 and breed with the heavy ball magnemite till I get the magnemite to get that spread
    Oh gosh, indeed. These battle trains just seemed weird to me and I honestly never bothered because it looked so boring to do xD.

    Good luck tho ~
    I noticed that and it has all of its Egg moves! :eek: That and I didn't realize how nice a combination of a Fast Ball and a Turtonator go well together!
    I was actually gonna try a hp fire magnemite as well but wasn't sure I should wait for bank and use the shiny hp fire one I have and breed so it has the heavy ball I want, or in reality although I've never done so I can make the any ditto I want have it's iv's to the HP I need and the offspring would be fine but I hate resorting to that so I'll try without it for now, I actually traded for a hp ground cutiefly from zold so shouldn't be to hard getting a shiny from that
    Had some trouble inputting the wifi password >.< Going to get online now, you still online?
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