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  • We're good. My partner and I both managed to get infections lol. Still scared about the upcoming year (well, the next four are gonna be hell), but I think we'll manage. 2017 is gonna be the year we stop taking **** from the alt-Reich :p

    Pokemon-wise, I'm working on a Doubles Hail team, but I haven't been putting much time into it due to work and other stuff. I DO still want to design games of my own, after all lol.
    Ok no worries, how would you recommend I try to breed for certain hidden powers, I've never done HP before so I was just curious
    Unless you care about gender, all 3 are ready for trade.

    ...which is saying something, considering how fast I got good Tepig and Togepi after responding to you. Either way, all 3 pokemon are ready for trade finally.
    Hey there! I just want to say don't worry about your post in my trade shop being late as I'll allow you to hold onto that once I finished trading with someone! After that, I shall accept your offer! :D
    I'm starting to realize that 12.5% to be female is a lot worse than I thought it was :(

    I also noticed the Togepi I had set aside for you had Hustle, and I can't afford to get an Ability Capsule to fix the problem, not without burning a lot of time in the Battle Tree. Combined with some IRL problems that made me completely unwilling to pick up my 3DS... I am so sorry. I'm working as fast as I can to finish up Tepig so I can get a different Togepi for you.

    ...speaking of Tepig, it's egg moves are Sucker Punch, Curse, and Superpower. Wingull is perfectly fine to, because of course it was.
    Oh, oh hope you had a nice meal ~

    Don't worry, I only need 6 hours sleep =▽= . Did I catch you this time? ~
    I mostly want the shiny charm for egg hatching lol. For some reason I'm cursed. My shiny egg hunts always seem to go over 1,000 eggs and I'm tired of it lol. But when it comes to SOS chaining I have excellent luck lol. If you ever need anything for trading just let me know and I can help you out. I have both Sun and Moon but I've only played Moon so far. I've put at least 160 hours into the game so far and I work full time everyday lol. :p
    I've been working on filling my Dex. I want the shiny charm lol. So far I'm at 56% complete.

    It still is pretty cold. I have to bundle up reaaaaal good lol. Once they release all Gen 2 Pokemon I'll be even more motivated. Gen 2 is my favorite Gen.

    That's cool! The best Ditto I have is a Europe 4iv Ditto. I've been trying hard to get a 6iv Japanese Ditto, but I have no luck. :/ I can't wait for Bank either!
    I asked emii for the jpn ditto u have she said I could have one but she said it was also a hack :( but I'm sure the offspring will be legit at least
    Yup lol. Ever since they made starters easier to find because of the New Years event I've been playing again. They also have Gen 2 baby Pokemon in the game now, so that's given me more motivation to play lol. I just bundle up very good so the cold doesn't bother me lol.

    I've been playing a lot of Moon as well. I beat the game days ago. I've been breeding and shiny hunting. I still have to go get my oval charm. I've been doing good ^_^
    That's true, I never use it though just used to saying it to them on a vm/pm, they had like a smiley face I think in gen5 can't remember
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