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  • I believe I caught you on c: ~ Such a coincidence ♪(^∇^*) I just happened to open serebii browser
    Oh, I just realized that last night was Wednesday x'D Oops ~ I'm not good with dates during vacations ; ;
    My Pokedex is 82% complete! I'm going to try to finish the rest when I get home from work tonight. The GTS is such a life saver. I've been breeding tons of Oranguru and trading them off. They are in high demand. You're having some good egg luck lol.
    Great. I have your Snorunt, too. I'll be sure to be on tomorrow night, then.
    We're good. My partner and I both managed to get infections lol. Still scared about the upcoming year (well, the next four are gonna be hell), but I think we'll manage. 2017 is gonna be the year we stop taking **** from the alt-Reich :p

    Pokemon-wise, I'm working on a Doubles Hail team, but I haven't been putting much time into it due to work and other stuff. I DO still want to design games of my own, after all lol.
    Ok no worries, how would you recommend I try to breed for certain hidden powers, I've never done HP before so I was just curious
    Unless you care about gender, all 3 are ready for trade.

    ...which is saying something, considering how fast I got good Tepig and Togepi after responding to you. Either way, all 3 pokemon are ready for trade finally.
    Hey there! I just want to say don't worry about your post in my trade shop being late as I'll allow you to hold onto that once I finished trading with someone! After that, I shall accept your offer! :D
    I'm starting to realize that 12.5% to be female is a lot worse than I thought it was :(

    I also noticed the Togepi I had set aside for you had Hustle, and I can't afford to get an Ability Capsule to fix the problem, not without burning a lot of time in the Battle Tree. Combined with some IRL problems that made me completely unwilling to pick up my 3DS... I am so sorry. I'm working as fast as I can to finish up Tepig so I can get a different Togepi for you.

    ...speaking of Tepig, it's egg moves are Sucker Punch, Curse, and Superpower. Wingull is perfectly fine to, because of course it was.
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