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  • Oh Calm is deffo nice, 1 EM is manageable! HA is great but you're not runnin with 5 IV Level Morelulls anywhere? I don't mind the spread on it, just that it's 5 IV hehe ^^;
    No problem, I haven't been on much the last few days either. Not sure what timezone you're in, I'll nudge if I see you on
    Lol yah, I had a few random ditto I traded for from GTS hoping it was actually 6iv :/ and did u want me to breed with the best iv's I can get on the mons u wanted?
    Letting you know now, I'm just about done with everything I offered earlier, which is to say I'm caught Emboar in a Fast Ball (Though breeding it to have good IV's is the easy part, the hard part is getting the females ( ._. )). Off topic, but do you want any egg moves on Tepig besides Superpower? Otherwise, I'm out of Love Ball Togepi, but I'm still breeding for myself, and I have plenty of Heavy Ball Wingull, so give or take some more time we can trade whenever.

    I am slightly preoccupied with playing through Moon, but if you want to do the trade sooner rather than later, then just say something and I'll try as hard as I can to match online times, though I'd give it one more day from this posting so that I have that little extra time for Tepig.
    Good stuff! I'll probably be on late again tonight so just pop onto Zold's Discord whenever and I'm sure I'll catch you.
    My main game is moon ^_^
    Breeding with high iv's and egg moves should get more business for sure since I know a lot of ppl don't like to breed and just want the right spread to battle and the credits is always a good idea :)
    Also I edited my shop with all I have let me know what u like :)
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