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  • Can we set a date and time

    I am eastern time as well

    Also, what am I giving you I believe it is Yanma but I do not know for sure

    I can trade in SM since we tutor move in USUM \

    Sorry if that is long bye :)
    No worries, I understand. I love the userbar, it looks so much better than I thought it would.
    Thanks for letting me know! I'm hunting type:null atm and I know stakataka is right ahead if this, if u manage to get your shiny and knock out the 2nd one can u let me know if it works to come back later to it, since even with me having the shiny charm hunting 2 shiny stakataka could take awhile
    I was wondering on your shiny hunt are u able to SR both Blacephelon to be shiny? Just curious is all since I thought bout trying for stakataka soon if I was able to get 2 shinies
    Oh yeah I actually do. Sorry to hear about your old 3DS.
    I'll send you a friend request. My friend code username is Brandon on my 3DS just so you know.
    Yeah sometimes it's time for a change. Cool! We'll have to trade sometime. I'll just need your friend code I think. I can't wait to hunt some shinnies again. Good luck on your hunts.
    Thanks a lot for letting me know, I've just been so busy with work I haven't played as much as I'd like, I have bank and alot of mons there so I'll get the charm before SR anything, I hope you get your shiny soon!
    I see u didn't know, what part if the game just so I know to be prepared to SR for it, maybe I can try and get charm before then if it allows you to
    I moved one of my living Pokedexes from Pokebank over to my US before I caught my shiny Blacephalon. I did have to go through some trading on the GTS over my hunt to get the shiny charm though.
    I found a person wanting a Buneary for his Poipole, so once I did that trade, I evolved the Poipole, traded that Naganadel for a Stakataka, and traded that for a Blacephalon. That is how I got my shiny charm before finishing my hunt then.
    Yeah, it was a long hunt. I am so glad I have the shiny charm now. I hope yours is not as long as mine.
    As for the Battle Tree, I was disappointed that it was blocked before I caught the UB's. Darn Looker...
    That's cool, I ended up getting both as I usually do, I'm only on 3rd island, I'm looking forward to shiny hunting mons like the UB's and mewtwo which couldn't before, I know mewtwo could in past but for me this will be first time, I'm still lost on the whole area where to go and what to do I'm sure I'll figure it out
    You're fine it's hard to keep track of name changes lol. It was time for something new. I had to retire the NintendoFan82 name lol. I purchased Ultra Moon I'm having fun with it. I'll be getting Ultra Sun as well and a new 3DS XL soon :) I've been using my original 3DS for the longest time. It's time for me to upgrade. Plus I wouldn't mind having another one for trading and stuff.
    I know its been awhile! I've just recently missed playing pokemon so, I actually just finished sun. Now I'm trying to finish the pokedex (so getting moon exclusives) and it's been a blast. I can't wait to get ultra moon soon. Are you enjoying them??? And as for the marshadow I can definitely be patient haha
    Hey I was wondering if you could help me? I'm looking for a marshadow for my pokemon sun because I missed the event. Is cloning still a thing? I haven't played since gen 5 really :/
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