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  • Alrighty, also let me know if you are interested in any of the other HA Pokes cause I just seem to have accidentally released my Moon Ball Rockruff when I was organizing some stuff xD
    Alrighty, let me just get a few minutes to breed the Comfey and Rockruff, any specific gender you want on them?
    The others arent anything special which is why I mentioned only HA, its like regular pokeballs, a nest ball on Cutiefly and Cyndaquil, a Dive Ball on Sandshrew
    If you dont need the HA then Ill just tke the Mimikyu and Fomantis
    And there you go. Thank you, hope that Riolu does good/isn't that big a pain in giving you 6IV offspring/whatever else a Riolu can do.
    Trying to send you a mssg but your inbox is full

    Im interested in your Moon Ball Mimikyu, Friend Ball Fomantis HA, Lure Ball Dhelmise, and Beast Ball Mareanie
    I have a Moon Ball Alolan Vulpix, Moon Ball Honedge

    I know thats not enough so I have some HA pokes if you need such as Cutiefly, Vulpix, Rockruff, Salandit, Comfey, Jangmo-o
    you able to do this tonight? I'm just breeding Togepi right now, so whenever you can come online I can log in to.
    Hey fairy do u by chance have a pikachu I can evolve to register in my game I accidentally sold my soothe bell and it's taking awhile to evolve my pichu
    Thanks bunches. I hope you can use that Pyukumuku. I don't know if you had any other Pyukumuku besides the ball listed.
    Awesome. I really appreciate your help. I'll just trade one of my spare Pyukumukus I bred. Calm/Friend Ball/HA/4 Egg Moves. She's a girl.
    Well, truth is, I'm not far enough for that. I do have 10 heart scales, though. If you could reteach one that you catch and I can trade you a Heart Scale, that'd help me big time. I can trade you one of the Pokemon I had listed in that post, or breed you something else.
    The reasoning for the Petilil is because I want to be able to give wild Pokemon a status condition easier, too. I also figured I could get that easier, as they learn Entrainment at level 37, whereas Kadabra learn Role Play at level 41. So, I figure I'd have a better chance that way. Plus, I don't think Petilil are in Sun, are they? Unless I'm missing something super obvious, I'm gonna try to look for a Petilil still. Thanks for your advice, though.
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