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  • It would be possible, though I'd at least like to ask about any other options you can offer immediately. I'm not going to ask you breed something up unless you want a 6IV yourself, which I am willing to do.

    I do want to say, I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow (GMT -8) with Christmas shopping, so I won't be able to respond until tomorrow night.
    And I thank you for it again! Helps that I have a five IV Snivy to go with it too (which will be useful for competitive Morelull)! Now that I think about it, I do also have a five IV Passimian with an IV spread to that of a Sp Attacker so I could totally breed five IV Modest Popplio with Perish Song too! :D
    Ooooo you put aloha at the top...not underneath the other regions :p

    Friend fomantis
    Fast roggenrola
    Lure wimpod
    Moon dewpider
    Beast sandshrew
    Heavy Geodude

    I forgot to mention this but I wanted to say thank for how the Fomantis you gave me had five IVs! Modest five IV Fomantis are now available to be asked for in my shop thanks to you! :D
    If you haven't traded for one yet, I'd be happy to help. I own Sun and have been looking for a female Oranguru with Telepathy. I can catch one or two Passimians and breed them for you in exchange. Would you be interested? By the way, you could probably stand to delete some PMs.
    Ok xD sounds exciting.I did just get myself a moonball elektross, soft resetted till my capture worked xD but I guess was worth my ball? didnlt see anyone else with something like that xD so was kinda excited ;P let me know if that excites you as well and I can get to breeding it for you, maybe it's a just me thing again like those levelball pokes xD
    Also assuming your super busy xD but you forgot to list the eggmoves on seevral guys when you updated the balls.
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