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  • Hmm.. It's a shame that I'd have to wait, but I can always offer you other Pokémons by then. I'll edit my post to show what I want instead, then. :)
    Can I get the banner resized to almost be the size as the one's American--Pi made?
    Ah, alright, well. No harm done. Uhm.. Well, seeing as PokéBank isn't out yet. Is there a way we can come to reason to perhaps breed once PokéBank is out, then? Like, I can breed you a HA Alolan Vulpix and Sandshrew with ease. No problem at all. However would you be against maybe re-breeding for a new Alolan Grimer once PokéBank is opened if we do trade either today or tomorrow?
    Thanks Fairy. Got the banner. I'll think about something for the Main Banner and request at a later time.
    Oh wow it looks amazing! Awesome job on Tapu Lele and the PokeBalls along with the colors! Thank you so much! :D

    Yes, it seems Tapu Lele is now one of my all time favorites. :p
    Nice fairy, thank you again :)

    I like birds and toucans are very cool !

    Good luck with Morelull and Formantis breeding, in the future I will be intrested in a Level ball HA morelul :)

    I would love a Pikipek you mentioned in the thread, can you trade me one?

    I got tons of mons to offer, so just say something and I will most likely have it. (7gen mons)
    Alright sounds good, what's your FC? Mine is in my signature(Keep it there since I don't remember it lol) just VM me when you're ready to trade!
    Oh, duh! I was breeding Vulpix at the time and thought you had asked for one, but I do actually have the Mareanie ready too. Sorry I got mixed up, got a lot on my plate right now!
    Your Vulpix is done and ready to go! Just VM your FC,(I got a new 3DS) and I'll add you so we can trade!
    For the banner text colors, is it possible for it to change text colors like the background.
    If so, I'd like it to do that.
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