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  • Hey Fairy! [ Formerly Regi_Rocks :p]

    I was speaking to Wec and he directed me to your clan's Discord chat. Mind if I join?
    Oh no, you can make the banner regular its regular size, I'm going to eventually order one for each group of Triads.
    Hey there, I don't know if you started on the sig request yet, but I changed one of the pop out images (from SM Male Trainer to Hugh). If you already began working on it, don't worry about changing it. But just wanted to give you heads up.
    Dunno if I said it, but I like how you use the old "Semper ad meliora" frag banner you made for me as an example. That was a sick banner.
    It's been ok, I'm in the middle of catching the UB's after that I'll catch the tapus, I'll prolly start over once all the legends and UB's are caught
    And I'm sorry for this late response. .__.

    I loved Moon from beginning to end! I was so happy there was a challenge to these games again after how easy Gen VI were! Imo every generation up to that point had at least a few parts that were challenging so seeing some difficulty again is refreshing! :D
    there is some important new info that I'd like to pass along and its too long for a vm xD If you could clear space it would be greatly appreciated.
    Awesome, are you loving all the new Fairy-type additions to the game? They've surely been given some neat type combinations, but of course Fairy barely had any in XYORAS anyways due to being released. Can't wait to see the first Ground/Fairy-type.
    Hey Fairy just letting you know I still wanna be a Gym Leader. Sorry I didnt get to you sooner I have been pretty busy at work
    thank you! ^w^ and it just freezes my 3ds's in general. Like I turn it on with the cartridge in, and the main menu of my 3ds won't pop up/load unless I remove the cartridge, stuff like that :/
    but yea, I'm avoiding saving in pokemon centers for sure though I don't think I was in one when it started going nuts. I was on the gts trading to fill up my dex >.<
    Posted an Update on the Trinity League of a few changes, and was just PMing you to see if you'd like to remains a Leader, Resign, or undergo a type swap.

    Note* - If no answer after 2 weeks, I'll just remove you and you'll have to re-apply if the position is still there. Although that is why the Title Challenge was created.
    welp, I am a very upset person. my copy of sun now freezes my new nintendo 3ds xl (and any of my old 3ds's) just for being inserted, even when it starts up from me just pressing the power button and stuff. I can't get into the game at all, and I'm just.........I've lost so much, so freaking much, and I'm devastated. I have to start all over again from scratch and it sucks so heavily. I was 75% of the way done with the dex, I caught a 4iv shiny ditto, lost my HA fomantis...... and also I just lost my battle bond greninja (not that I care too much for it but still) I'm just........i don't even know how to continue on after that. I have moon which is still untouched/wrapped in plastic........but I .........I might take a few days before I touch it. sorry to rant on you fairy, I just had to let all this out, and I also wanted to let you know. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else :/
    Hello ~ I was just writing to confirm that I can keep going as Dark/Flying in the league. I did send a PM but my page got an error so I'm not sure if it sent or not. xD Have a good day ~
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