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  • yea after a chain of 40 you're pretty much (or i've been seeing 100% online) guaranteed 4ivs and then its a 1/32 chance for it to have a 5th iv, as far as chaining statistics go
    good luck! I'm currently doing the dex, just gotta beat the league so I can redo tapu koko to have mele mele 100%'d ^w^
    then I might chain a ditto since I don't have much time left tonight for the dex and I'm kind of bored of it xD
    hey fairy, I sent a pm though idk if you saw it, but I'd like to keep my electric gym. I'm already working on completing the dex rn for the shiny charm and then I'm gonna get all my breeding items ^w^

    managed to chain and get a 4iv ha (contrary) fomantis, the chaining mechanic is quite nice for breeding :D!
    Thanks I will take any help I can get. Though right now I think I can make a dark team if I add umbreon and I guess type: null. So I guess I am off to go breed and well grind the battle tree for BP.
    I do wanna stay as gym leader although if there will be open spots am interested in switching types only cuz they hardly brought any new flying types besides oricorio, toucannon, minior and celesteela but if not no worries :D
    Read your post, and yes, I'm going to keep my Ground Gym, just need to get my Breeding done and EV Training for new team combinations.
    Yeah I can be active for at least a month straight. Though now that I dont have oras anymore I have to rebuild my dark team. Oh and I'll be posting in the guild tomorrow since I am just dead tired today.
    Is....is it still too late to keep my dark gym leader status lol. All jokes aside it has been quite some time since I have spoken to anyone on here.
    One of these days I'll go to it. I wanted to go this year and cosplay as Green Arrow. If I had tons of money I would go to comic con.
    Haha she just loves colourful things, most importantly pink things, and my 3DS is pink xD
    Eeveelutions are just so freaking amazing. Always been my favorites ^^ Id highly recommend the collection of them, feels great to have it completed and have some cuties to stare at!!
    can I go bang my head on a wall now XD still congrats on that shiny oddish :3 I am currently mming it and its being a royal pain in the butt. A stubborn little weed I will say XD
    Thanks, and good luck to you, I hope you can get your Oddish soon. Horde hunting might be faster but I can understand your choice of MMing if you want a specific Nature and good IVs for it. Hope you'll get it soon!
    Haha thank you! Daughter is 1 now and wont stop trying to steal my 3DS (its pink, which is her favorite colour..), so hunting is mainly a thing for after her bedtime LOL

    9 boxes is only 270 eggs, still way below odds :D Id say you could get lucky and find an early shiny still! I'm at 280 for my 2nd shiny Bulba right now, somehow I feel it'll take about 700 eggs for this one, but who knows, I too could still have an early shiny so lets keep out hopes up ^^ Fingers crossed for less eggs than Klefki for sure. I remember my Solosis.. 1694 eggs. I truly hope that'll always be my longest MM hunt.

    Oh! Did I tell you I finished my shiny Eeveelutions? I have all of them :D Such a cool collection to finish!
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