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  • Thank you Fairy. I really don't want to leave this place. I've made some good friends here. You're actually the first friend I made here. I remember the day I made my post in the newbie section and you replied to me. I don't want to leave anyone behind, but my life needs to start looking up. Have fun at Youmacon. I wish I could go, but work is my life.
    Day in and day out has just been bad for me. I don't want to leave this place but I've been too stressed. I just need to figure something out. :/
    I've been beyond stressed. It's gotten bad. I've been thinking about leaving Serebii for good. That's how bad my stress has gotten. My life is too stressful beyond belief. At least things are working out for you at least. I just can't deal with the stress anymore. Dealing with a friend that's dying doesn't help either. Stress sucks beyond belief.
    Omg congrats! Some nice shinies for sure ^^
    Yeah life got so busy that I went from living with my mother to being a wife and mother LOL. So yeah that happened. Finally getting some downtime though so back to hunting it is :) Going for a 2nd bulbasaur now so I can complete the set (Ive had the venusaur for ages now heh). You going for any at the moment?
    Hey there Fairy. Hope all is well. When you're on I'll talk to you then. Hope your Pokemon Go hunts are going good.
    Hey you!! Long time no speak :) I know Im off and on these forums a lot, but glad to see youre still around! <3
    Don't you mean the Fighting curse since we technically got four Fighting starters in a row (with Chesnaught included)? :p

    But yeah I love all the starters! I was always on Team Popplio and Primarina is stunning!
    Hey Fairy, thanks but no need :). Like I said I already got a shiny ferroseed but I was amazed that it died by a lv59 Duoblade's shadow sneak crit.. I mean.. it was lv30 and ferroseed is bulky no?? lol.

    I am mostly busy with school and my work, still making customers happy with design and guiding internships :)

    How about you? Nice that your doing those Shiny videos btw, I checked some and its cool !
    ( I also have a weak spot for english accent girls lol, dont get the wrong idea just being honest and why its fun for me to watch )
    I'm going to download it in the morning and play it before work ^_^ I'm actually about to go to bed I'm so tired. Work has been crazy lately lol. Have a good night Fairy.
    Thats good they fixed the gym training. I never had patience for training in gyms until now lol. I can't wait for trading to be released. The demo comes out at 7am Pacific time so that's 10am for us!
    Hey Fairy I'm doing good. I still have to check out the new update I heard it's better for gyms. Grats on the Nidoqueen! Two weeks is a long time especially for holding a gym lol. Are you gonna download the sun and moon demo later?

    I meant to not say the spoilers in your VMs is all. ._____. Because my activity page shows all minus posts/VMs that are bracketed.
    [Hey FairyWitch I was wondering that if you do look at the datamined spoilers of the Sun/Moon demo, could you please bracket your VMs like I'm doing so that I don't see the stuff on my activity page? ^_^; ]
    hello - Hope all is well with you. I have to drop out of tour due to not having much time and too many responsibilites right now. Apologies to the guild ( I should of thought ahead when i signed up).
    thank you :D
    and I think bounsweet>steeney>tsareena is its only evolutions. They didn't mention it having a different evo depending on which game you played or anything. It could but I figure they would've mentioned that.
    I really love what they did with bounsweet's evolution line though. tsareena is amazing!
    if ribombee doesn't evolve again or get a good HA/stats then I'm really disappointed because cutiefly is adorable and ribombee looks really nice as well; and bug/fairy is a pretty good typing. lots of weaknesses but also lots of resists >w<

    oh and alolan muk with the way its colors move/change.......um I think the word I'm looking for is cycle lol, but yea the way it does that is so cool as well and it's typing alone makes it way better than regular muk x3
    I can't really contain myself right now >w>''
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