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  • Well, if I just copied the link from the shrinking-sites, they would eventually disappear. When saving it on my photobucket, I can use it as long as I want to. (Theoretically)
    but I'm a bit unsure about the size. I have shrinked it, but it doesn't differ from the original at all, imo.
    Anyways, I added it to my photobucket. I did manage to shrink it myself, but I had troubles saving it, because I can't use files from my own computer when inserting image for my signature.
    Hey, Eevee! Imma wondering if you could shrink a .Gif for me? I can't seem to find any ways of doing so myself.
    Not by much, just so it is under that KB limit
    It's fine, we forget things xD.
    I only remember Flash and Metal since they were active and good friends in TEG.
    Should write down this sometime, I WILL forget. LOL
    Hey guys merry Christmas!

    Sad to say though that I will be leaving for a while. I've lost interest in battling and I don't know why. Oh well though. I may poke around every now and then but I can't guarantee anything. I've entitled my stay here at TEG and if I think about returning, I will be coming back here to Team Enchanted Garden. I'll miss you guys thanks for everything! See ya around ;)

    -Flash Sama
    You said hope you come back, you forgetful :) LOL
    I know for a fact that Metal and Flash are staying.
    I'll keep the names in the back of my mind when I do sweeps.
    Ahh, never knew that. Always warn me about these things when i do sweeps xD
    So whenever I do sweeps...
    Flash, Metal, Nar, Ginji, and flying are safe?
    I did warn tleon that he is most likely getting sweep, so I just told him to post.
    The next sweep is most likely in 2 weeks or so.
    Hey Eevee, whenever I do inactivity sweeps, is it fine if I leave out Nar_?
    He barely posts in the clan, but he is most likely in our xat and can always watch if there's trolling or anything bad happening.
    I look at the rounds for PO/PS...
    Have fun with LC(You don't know how MUCH I HATE LC ;---;) and Gym leader, lol.
    My usernotes JUST updated. And I've had that sig for 8 months, why is it just now getting reported? Oh well. Yeah it's been quite a while! How've you been?
    We just need the other 11 Eeveelutions to be revealed then all those Eeveelutions will need evolutions. ;_;
    I would get...but as much as I try to be social on them, chat rooms feel really awkward to me. I prefer forums where I have time to think my post thoroughly.
    XD That's okay. I would've posted my Guild by now [if Frost would finish my userbars already. .___.]... I think I need 12 more Link Buttons.
    Oh that reminds me - you never even told me that you finished my Link Buttons! I just assumed they were done because I stalked the stalker board and saw you sending people VMs indicating that their request was done. So... Thanks for the Link Buttons! XD
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